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One of the most famous 'Black Mirror' episodes is becoming a board game

Thankfully this won't have the same real-world consequences

One of the most famous 'Black Mirror' episodes is becoming a board game
Tom Victor
21 November 2018

Ever since the fifth season of Black Mirror was announced, we’ve heard plenty of speculation about extra-curricular activities.

There’s going to be a choose-your-own-adventure episode as part of the upcoming run, while creator Charlie Brooker has teased follow-ups to some of the episodes we know and love from previous seasons.

However, the latest Black Mirror-related news concerns a genuine real-life application of one of its best-known episodes.

Board game company Asmodee is rolling out a game based on the episode ‘Nosedive’, the season three offering starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Alice Eve.

It sees Howard’s character Lacie - and her peers - earn a score for all their actions in life. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end too well for her.

‘Nosedive’ has already been given a real-life application, of course, in the form of the ‘social credit system’ in China.

The system sees citizens given a score based on things like ‘trustworthiness’, with particular actions given more credence than others, and this is part of the objective of the board game too.

According to Polygon, the objective of the game is “to create a ‘perfect’ life by collecting Lifestyle Cards, while avoiding any ‘dings’ to their Social Score.”

There’s still a little bit of mystery about exactly wat that will entail, but the publishers suggest the game takes roughly 45 minutes to play - not too far from the length of the actual ‘Nosedive’ episode, then.

There’s also a smartphone companion app that you can download to help you play the game, and hopefully avoid the same fate as Lacie.

The game will be released at Target stores in the United States on 25 November - no word yet on when it will become available in the UK or online, but we remain hopeful.

(Images: Netflix)