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Beyond Stranger Things: this is what the Duffer Brothers are up to next

A new supernatural show is in the works, with the makers of Stranger Things.

Beyond Stranger Things: this is what the Duffer Brothers are up to next
Marc Chacksfield
21 April 2023

The end of Stranger Things is nearly here, with the show set for a fifth and final season on Netflix.

While The Duffer Brothers have promised spin-offs from the show, it hasn't stopped them from finding other projects to be a part of, and the first of these has been announced.

According to Variety, the makers of Stranger Things are all set to produce and all-new supernatural show with the folks behind Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance in a show runners.

The Boroughs' plot sound pretty high concept: “In a seemingly picturesque retirement community in the New Mexico desert, a group of unlikely heroes must band together to stop an otherworldly threat from stealing the one thing they don’t have… time.”

New Mexico and 'otherworldly' could well mean that there's some link to Area 51 which would be fantastic but the really interesting part here is the age of the heroes. We're going from children in Stranger Things to retirees.

“We’ve been fans of Jeff and Will’s writing for a long time, and when they pitched us their idea for ‘The Boroughs,’ we immediately knew they had something very special on their hands,” explained the Duffers in a statement.

“While the heroes in ‘The Boroughs’ have a few more years on them than the kids from ‘Stranger Things,’ they are a similarly lovable bunch of misfits, and we can’t wait for you to join them on an adventure that is at turns scary, funny, and deeply touching.”

Heart and horror

Show runners Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews said about The Boroughs: “We’re thrilled to be back at Netflix,” Addis and Matthews said. “Working alongside the Duffer Brothers (who are pretty good at making shows) and their team has been a dream come true. They bring the perfect balance of heart and horror to our story. We can’t wait for audiences around the world to unlock the dark mystery buried beneath the sunny facade of ‘The Boroughs.’”

The Duffer Brothers are also said to be working on an adaptation of The Talisman, a Stephen King book which has been in Development Upside Down for years. It was going to be made into a film by Steven Spielberg - who has held the rights for some 35 years - but now it has been passed on to the Stranger Things duo, with Spielberg still involved.

It is also thought that we will be getting another live-action version of Death Note, but this time it is a live-action series. Add to this an animated Stranger Things spin-off and an unnamed live-action spin-off of the show and Netflix is keeping the pair very busy.