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5 Men's hair trends you need to be on-board with in 2016

5 Men's hair trends you need to be on-board with in 2016

5 Men's hair trends you need to be on-board with in 2016
04 June 2016

Celebrity hairdresser and all around barnet expert Jamie Stevens gives us the low down on the top trends to look out for this year. Clippers at the ready...

The Mod Chop

Why: The indie trend is really coming back and this always inspires guys to go the whole way to complete the look.

What to ask for: You will need to have some length to your hair to really get this look, it's perfect for guys with longer hair who want something different. Ask for a fringe with some of the length kept toward the sideburns and a bit shorter through the back. Think Oasis and you can't go wrong.

How to style it: To style, try using someMR Salt Spray to add some light texture and grittiness before blowdrying

Mid-length messy

Why: Guys who are done with longer hair but don't want to cut it all off are going for a more mid-length finish, this is a great option as it is versatile and can look effortlessly cool. This for me will be a big one.

What to ask for: Ask your stylist to cut your hair quite square but point cut it as this will keep the texture in it and layer it enough to be able to slick it back but also go for an on trend tousled finish.‎

To style: ‎Use some MR Salt Spray and dry in all over keeping the hair moving to help give lift and shape. Then use MR Clay, focusing on teasing the roots and working out to give yourself a dishevelled textured finish. Finally, shape to desired style.

The Fringe

Why: This has been building since last season and has already seen many variations so far. It's a really cool look and I expect it to be here for some time.

What to ask for: I think this looks best when the sides are a lot shorter and there is some disconnection from the top. Have the fringe cut in above the eyebrows and disconnected from the sides for maximum effect. For a more aggressive look have it taken shorter and perfectly straight to give maximum impact, for a softer dishevelled look have the ends more choppy and more textured through the top.

To style: Finish the look with a small amount of Matrix Style Link Matte Definer to give hold to a smoother finish or texture to a messy one

Long hair

Why: Men have really adopted the longer hair look and we have seen many different adaptations over the previous year and this one is no different. Expect more textured versions and less polished finishes.

What to ask for: To go on trend, ask for your stylist to keep the length on the perimeter shape and really texturise the interior, this will allow you to wear it forward and a lot messier whilst still keeping some versatility.

To style: Try misting in some MR Salt Spray and scrunch drying to really expose the texture‎.

Groomed quiff

Why: A style staple that can be dressed up or down. This look works on so many men for work and play so always lingers around and stays in fashion.

What to ask for: This depends on what you personally want but works best when sides are shorter and length kept on to. Ask to have the sides taken to your desired length but aim to have the shape taper in at the sides and the neckline. Then have the top cut to blend in, if ease is the main goal try having a parting shaved in.

To style: Make sure you use a smoothing product to get the right finish, try using a mixture of Matrix Style Link Smooth Setterand hold boost before blowdrying to get smooth results with hold, then finish with some MR Paste‎.‎