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5 great luxury gadgets to spruce up the home and break the bank

If you're going to spend big, do it right

5 great luxury gadgets to spruce up the home and break the bank
06 November 2018

From being able to skip a track on your algorithm-generated weekend playlist – without having to get out of bed or even touch anything – to barking at your phone to bring you a pizza, technology in 2018 is luxury on all levels.

However, amid a crowded sea of extravagant, lavish gadgets, there are some bits of tech that still stand out from the rest, be it their over-the-top design, functionality, or their four-figure price tag. 

If you’re going to spend big, do it right.

Best camera:

Hasselblad X1D-50c; £5,999

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Go on, take a good look. We know you want to reach out and grab it. The Hasselblad X1D-50c is an elite, compact, mirrorless photographic powerhouse, packing a retina-dazzling 50MP quality punch. And yet, despite those monstrous capabilities, it’s as pleasing on the eye as its pictures. Handmade in Sweden, it’s as elegant as a Scandinavian armchair, as satisfying to hold as a freshly brewed coffee on a crisp morning. It’s a gem of a camera, producing moments in time that are as vivid as the day you first clapped your eyeballs on them. £5,999;

Best speaker:

Leff Amsterdam; £84.55

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You could stick the Leff Amsterdam speaker in the V&A, it’s that pretty. But then you’d miss out on its glorious 360-degree sound. Save it for your palatial, one-bedroom flat instead. £84.55;

Best computer accessory:

24-karat gold USB stick; £199.50

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Luxury comes in many forms: a new Ferrari, champagne on board a yacht sailing around the Caribbean, Andrea Pirlo lofting a dreamy through-ball goal-wards, this 24-karat gold USB stick. £199.50;

Best smartwatch:

Breitling Exospace B55; £6,710

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The Breitling Exospace B55 includes an electronic tachymeter, chrono flight metrics and, once linked to your phone, mission time. The watch to wear to save the world. £6,710;

Best kitchen gadget:

KitchenAid Artisan 4.8-litre stand mixer; £789

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With its brushed-nickel curves and stainless-steel bowl, the KitchenAid Artisan mixer will give your worktop an instant one-up. It’s a gateway to your most lavish cakes ever. £789;

Best luxury apps

Jetsmarter; Free


Imagine hailing a private jet just as you would a cab on the street. With this air booker, which searches runways for idle planes and spare seats, it’s a (very) pricey reality. Free;

IVIP Black; £999.99


This is your ticket to a secret world of complimentary upgrades, an on-demand concierge and member-only services cloaked in spy levels of secrecy. £999.99;