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5 best gadgets for bean heads and caffeine fiends

Gadgets for a better cup of Joe

5 best gadgets for bean heads and caffeine fiends

Bored of your bland instant cup o’Joe? Tired of picking undissolved granules from your teeth post-swig? Sick of forking out six quid every morning on something artisanal and so-strong-it’s-migraine-inducing? Is the coffee in your former best coffee machine just not doing it for you anymore?

Then step right up, friend, because from this moment onwards your morning nectar will be a thing of pride.

Best espresso coffee machine:

De’Longhi’s Scultura; £139.99

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De’Longhi’s traditional pump espresso machine is called the Scultura – Italian for sculpture. And once you’re done admiring its Fifties retro styling atop your kitchen surface, this little conversation piece will trickle out some of the best home-brewed doses of morning rocket fuel this side of Naples.

Grind coffee or pop a pod, fire up, then glug down your taste-bud-tingling, belly-warming hug in a mug. There’s a milk-frother included too, meaning you can rip up Italian tradition and offend the connoisseurs by downing a freshly whipped afternoon cappuccino, with your very own heart-shaped choccy on top. Stencils sold separately. £139.99;

Best grinder:

Bialetti Emotion; £63

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Even the coffee non-believers know that the best cup comes from beans that are freshly ground. So shove a bag-load into the Bialetti Emotion and get grinding for a richer, better java. £63;

Best coffee scales:

Brewista Smart Scale V2

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In your student days it was sachet instants. In your twenties, espresso pods. And now you’ve graduated Barista Big School: your own bean-counting Brewista Smart Scale V2. £79.90; Amazon

Best coffee press:


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There are so many ways of making a cup of joe from the AeroPress, there’s an official world championship – held this month in Sydney. Really. Pour your own super-smooth brew, then look it up. £24.50; Amazon

Best for tea:


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You open your eyes: darkness envelops you, a shiver runs down your spine. Yep, your 6am alarm has just gone off. Ease yourself into the day by sticking the iKettle on, via your phone, from your bed. £99.99;

Best apps

Coffee Nerd; free


It’s a confusing caffeinated world out there. Making sense of it all is this comprehensive guide, turning you from an americano amateur to a moka master. Free;

Best Coffee Guide; free


After a spiced, dairy-free cup of java? From a dog- friendly cafe? Consult this coffee shop finder, scouring the best indie places for your ideal shot. Free;

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