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5 lovely smart shoes for £100 (or less) that look like they cost way more

Every man should own a pair of smart shoes

5 lovely smart shoes for £100 (or less) that look like they cost way more
31 August 2018

Smart and casual? Durable and functional? You name it, we got it. Mr Hyde bring you a fine selection of iconic shoe styles that are perfect for any occasion, be it the office, a wedding reception or date night. 

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Military Boot

The shoe: Kurt Geiger, Brown Parker (£89)

Best for: When the weather turns, but not enough to demand a layered top half.

You, 9.01am this morning, absolutely beaming, entering the office: “I ain’t got no quarrel with them Vietcong!” The odd smile, mostly confusion. Then, two notches louder: “Oorah, Marine! Ooo-rah!” Deathly silence. One cough. “I’m wearing military boots, you see! …It’s all because I’m wearing military boots.” A finger taps you on the shoulder and you know it’s HR, you know it’s all over. Still, these brown leather numbers would look great with indigo jeans.


The shoe: Dune, Pillar Brown (£105)

Best for: Dinner dates, meeting your partner’s parents.

Two materials interplay here. The leather says “I work hard for the money”; the rest says “…but not too bloody hard! :-P”. But on a level, let’s hear it for Dune. A consistently under-appreciated British brand whose shoes and accessories are classier than the price point might imply. Give these a spin with some light-grey wool trousers or navy chinos to complement the smart-casual vibe.

Chelsea Boot

The shoe: M&S, Tan Suede (£79)

Best for: Sunny days, posing for Insta pics, outdoor boozin’.

The three most annoying things in life are, officially: squeezing the tomato sauce bottle having forgotten to shake it; closing apps on your phone and hitting the music one accidentally; not looking at the weather forecast and wearing suede shoes. It always rains. So please, check before you stick these on. And then, double please, pair them with slim black jeans, a black T and a flannel shirt.

Oxford Shoe

The shoe: Clarks, Beeston Cap (£55)

Best for: Weddings, work events.

Ah yes, the all-too-rare Very Formal Occasion. The sort where you’re sure you have appropriate footwear, then that moment of chest-clutching panic on the morning when you realise no, NO, you have 16 pairs of Stan Smiths with marginally different green shading, but no super-smart shoes. Nothing looks more appropriate with a suit or pressed trousers than a pair of Oxfords. Clarks are renowned for desert boots, but there’s a surprisingly varied selection. Like these!

Chukka Boot

The shoe: Office, Navy Suede (£69.99)

Best for: Dates, casual workwear.

Would you look at the thickness of those heels. You could walk through anything in those: a good-sized puddle, supermarket custard, the valley of the shadow of death. Hudson’s Matteo boot has a contrast leather panel on the sole for extra sturdiness, and is a really easy way to upgrade a comfortable outfit that you’re worried is a bit too casual. Gives the freedom to wear a T-shirt whenever you’d like, basically.

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