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Watch Ben Affleck's slick new thriller The Accountant for FREE

We, dear reader, are bringing you his latest blockbuster for absolutely nothing

Watch Ben Affleck's slick new thriller The Accountant for FREE

Who doesn’t love to dive into the lucrative underworld of criminal organisations now and again? It’s a trip back into Hollywood’s finest hours. Well now there’s another to add to your list, from Gavin O’Connor; The Accountant.

With the release of Warrior, O’Connor created a world of high-octane tension and the ultimate family brawl. Similar to this, The Accountant promises to be an all-out-popcorn-to-the-face tension fight, and JK Simmonds just tagged in.

Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a segregated, anti-social and strategic freelance accountant. He deals with some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organisations and when an accounting clerk (Anna Kendrick) gives him a legitimate client, they dig into the missing numbers of a state-of-the-art robotics company. As bullets begin to fly, Affleck and Kendrick find themselves being shot at from both sides of the law.

You can see The Accountant for free thanks to ShortList Film club, ahead of its UK release on 4 November.

Find screenings of this carnage at Vue Glasgow Fort, London Islington, London Piccadilly Circus & London Manchester Lowry on Thursday 27 October.

To download tickets head to and enter the code 207271