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Beavertown hopes to stop your Glastonbury blues by live streaming a farm

Yep, it's live streaming an actual farm.

Beavertown hopes to stop your Glastonbury blues by live streaming a farm

If you are like us, then you are feeling more than a little sad right now. And for good reason: in an alternative, non Covid-17 world, we'd be in a field in Glastonbury, cider in hand, content that a whole weekend of Glastonbury festival shenanigans are ahead of us.

But we aren't - and the sun is even shining, which makes it all the more miserable.

As a little pick-me-up, though, Beavertown has unveiled its Beavertown Summer 2.0h plan - a calendar of virtual events that it hopes will make up for the real events that have been cancelled.

With tongue firmly in cheek, the first of these events is its alternative to Glastonbury - which is a live-stream of a farm in Somerset. Nope, not Worthy Farm but a farm, complete with animals and everything.

"We’re going to head to a farm, set up a camera, and live stream straight to your living room on Friday 26th June. Let the gentle moos and bahs wipe those tears away," says Beavertown.

It's not revealed exactly what the other alternative events will be, but one does include someone being pelted with tennis balls, which sounds like a decent Wimbledon alternative if you ask us.

If these sort of events take your fancy, then they have set up a Google Calendar invite so you don't miss whatever hijinks they are planning.

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