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Beautiful Space Rock Watch

Beautiful Space Rock Watch

Beautiful Space Rock Watch
18 September 2013

Now, you may think that you've got a nice watch. But has yours got an actual piece of the moon in it? Didn't think so.

But this beautiful watch, brought to the world by Zanis & Co, does. It's apparently the first-ever timepiece to include non-terrestrial items; containing a piece of the Moon, Mars and a rare Space Gem together with 70 diamonds that freely movely around in the dial.

It's limited to just 600 pieces (well, there's only so much moon to go round at the moment), retailing at $1,500 (£933) and comes in three different styles - all of which look fantastic.

Every watch comes with a certificate of authenticity, ratified by professional meteorite hunter Steve Arnold, and - after registration - Nuvati will send you the exact story behind where the piece of the Moon, Mars and space gems were found on Earth.

Literally out-of-this-world.

Buy from the Zanis & Co Shop here

(Images: Nuvati/Zanis)