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Basketball legend Michael Jordan has launched his own tequila

Perhaps we should give it a shot?

Basketball legend Michael Jordan has launched his own tequila
Holly Pyne
23 September 2019

It’s starting to feel like every celebrity under the sun is releasing an alcohol brand at the moment, and now former basketball player Michael Jordan has joined the gang - with his own brand of ‘ultra-premium’ tequila.

Jordan has teamed up with four NBA partners - Jeanie Buss, Wes Edens, Emilia Fazzalari and Wyc Grousbeck - to create Cincoro, a premium tequila range with a hefty price tag. There are four bottles in the collection; an unaged Blanco costing $70, a $90 Reposado (aged 8 to 10 months), a $130 Anejo (aged 24 to 28 months), and a $1,600 Extra Anejo (aged 40 to 44 months). To make sure the range is a slam dunk (sorry) with tequila fans, the drinks have all been made with 100% Weber Blue agave from the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco, Mexico - the ‘birthplace’ of tequila. Basketball legend Michael Jordan has launched his own tequila It seemed Jordan couldn’t have just anyone to design the bottle either, so it was created by Nike’s vice president of innovation special projects, Mark Smith. The symbol on the front of the bottle is meant to represent the agave plant, the fundamental starting point for any tequila. The group decided to go into drinks business together after discovering a “mutual love of tequila” at a dinner party in 2016. “We set out to create a sipping tequila that is ultra-smooth, naturally rich, complex and delicious; a tequila with exceptional taste,” said Fazzalari, Co-Founder of Cinco Spirits Group. “Through hard work, determination and collaboration with our amazing group of founders and extended team, we have brought to life Cincoro Tequila. We believe each of our four Cincoro expressions provides a unique tequila experience that can transcend the category.”
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