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Awesome Air Jordans made of LEGO

Awesome Air Jordans made of LEGO

Awesome Air Jordans made of LEGO

A rattle snake. Broken glass. A land mine. A LEGO brick. This is the universally agreed order of "things you don't want to step on" (that we just made up). 

So it's with some irony that Tom Yoo has made a series of immaculate Air Jordan trainers out of a material you don't want anywhere near your feet. 

A master builder and self-confessed sneakerhead, Yoo has created a range of brick court shoes, offering a resplendent array of different colourways of the Air Jordan XI and a mean Air Jordan V.

Though currently not destined to hit model shelves, Yoo has posted his Jordan XI design to the LEGO Ideas project site where you can vote for its eventual release. Which we insist you do immediately.

We're off to see if we can make a set of Puma Kings out of a bucket of misfit bricks.

(Images: TomYoo23)

[Via: HypeBeast]