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The Russo brothers have finished 'Avengers 4' and are being cryptic on social media again

Ooooooh, exciting

The Russo brothers have finished 'Avengers 4' and are being cryptic on social media again
15 October 2018

When you are the directors of the concluding part (for a bit, anyway) of the biggest movie franchise in history, you can post whatever the hell you want on Twitter and everyone will go completely insane. The world, will stop, spin, ning.

And that’s what’s happened here - the Anthony and Joseph Russo have finally wrapped on Avengers 4 and to celebrate, they posted this:

Cool. Coooooooool. What the hell does that mean, Anthony and Joseph? Eh? What are you two banging on about?

Well, here are the strongest theories:

(Spoilers ahead, fans of not having things ruined)

Somebody’s going to die, boo hoo

The Hollywood Reporter reckons it means that a big hero is gonna die. And seeing as we know that Chris Evans is leaving, it stands to reason that Captain America could snuff it, big time.

It’s the Quantum Tunnel

You know, the thing from Ant-Man and the Wasp? Ant-Man is probably going to have something to do with saving the universe in Avengers 4, what with him being stuck in the quantum realm - a place perhaps unaffected by the snap?

It’s War Machine’s Proton Cannon

Old War Machine doesn’t often have a lot to do in the big team-ups that Marvel have thrusted our way so far, but give him his famous Proton Cannon and he’ll certainly make an impact. So far, leaked images have suggested that it might make an appearance, and some optimistic fans are making the connection between that and the mysterious blue light the Russos are teasing.

It’s Thanos getting… arrested

Now this is obviously a joke, but someone has made the connection to the infamous moment Thanos (or at least a version of Thanos) was arrested by the NYPD back in a 1979 comic book. A recent viral post of some bloke dressed up as Thanos getting arrested has also done the rounds - the blue light is a police one. What a laugh we all have!

It’s Adam Warlock’s pod

People reckon the superhero whose pod was glimpsed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 might pop up in Avengers 4, despite reports to the contrary. Either way, that blue light looks nothing like this:

So probably ignore this one.

It means the return of Vision?

That up there is the pod(?) that Vision was created in - is the blue light another one? Will Vision be coming back? Maybe. Who knows. Who knows anything because:


As we mentioned before, The Russos could tweet a picture of literally anything and we’d all dive right down to the bottom of every possible ocean to find clues and theories and ridiculous punts - so it might mean absolutely sod-all and it’s just the Russos trolling us all. What a laugh.

Hopefully this is the case, because that means that they’ve finally realised their power and they are beginning to exploit it. And if you can’t exploit your power to the detriment of others, what’s the point of possessing it in the first place?

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