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Arnold Schwarzenegger's TV debut is a Netflix number one hit

It's a number one hit, but is that enough for a second season renewal?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's TV debut is a Netflix number one hit

Netflix show FUBAR has gone straight in at number one on the streamer’s charts, with more than 88 million hours viewed in its first week.

FUBAR was the first of three new entries in the English language TV charts detailed on theNetflix Top 10 website, gaining four times the viewing hours as S.W.A.T.: Season 1 or All American: Season 5.

However, in the UK-specific charts the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle was pipped by Selling Sunset: Season 6.

FUBAR is the first major TV role for Schwarzenegger. He plays a CIA agent pulled out of retirement for one more job, only to find the agent he’s tasked with tracking down is his down daughter.

The show has attracted some solid reviews. The Guardian gave FUBAR a 4-star write-up, for example, citing the strength of its comedy. However, it has only achieved a 49% freshness rating over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Will there be a FUBAR season 2?

There’s some question as to whether FUBAR’s performance will be worthy of a second season, considering the significant marketing pumped into its release and its so-so status among 2023 hits.

FUBAR’s 88 million hours don’t compete with Bridgerton spin-off Queen Charlotte’s opening week of 148 million. Or The Night Agent, which managed the neat trick of actually bumping up its hours on the second week from 168 million to 214 million hours watched. That’s true word-of-mouth power.

FUBAR was also beaten this year by the debuts of Outer Banks, You: Season 4 and Ginny & Georgia: Season 2. However, perhaps FUBAR can pull a The Night Agent and bring up its numbers in week two.

There’s no word from Netflix about a second season of FUBAR just yet.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming roles include Kung Fury 2, the follow-up to a 30-minute kung fu comedy short, in which Schwarzenegger plays the President. However the film appears to be stuck in post-production limbo. The actor also recently confirmed to Parade he will not star in The Expendables 4.