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Are you ready for Whitley Neill's bacon and horseradish gin?

Prepare for a limited-edition kick with your tonic

Are you ready for Whitley Neill's bacon and horseradish gin?
Danielle de Wolfe
18 January 2024

When it comes to gin, it feels as though the boundaries of flavour combinations are constantly being pushed to their limit.

This limited-edition release from Whitley Neill is no exception, blending the smokey delights of sizzling bacon with the short, sharp kick of horseradish.

A less-than-traditional gin flavour, the new release brings forth a thoroughly savoury finish, with smokey notes fit for any sipper with discerning taste.

Created using natural vegetarian-friendly bacon flavouring, each bottle packs a punch, with a suitably fiery horseradish kick poised to leave your mouth tingling.

Released as part of the latest wave of savoury spirits, this release follows the recent trend for savoury sipples, with this mushroom whiskey a sure-fire hit.

The brand describes the gin as ‘perfect for elevating classic brunch cocktails such as the Red Snapper, mixed with tomato juice for a simple serve, or even adding a bold, savoury twist to a Martini’.

Bottled at 45% ABV, Whitley Neill Smoky Bacon and Horseradish Gin is currently available to purchase from limited online retailers, including The Drop Store (the cheapest we've found at £21).

Are you ready for Whitley Neill's bacon and horseradish gin?

Our mouths are already watering.

The brand hit headlines last year after dropping $25,000 worth of diamonds into bottles of the juniper favourite.

Retailing for £21, it's safe to say its also an extremely affordable price point where those looking to experiment with flavour are concerned.

Poppy Williams, group marketing manager at Halewood Artisanal Spirits, said: “We’ve seen a big increase in the popularity of savoury flavours in the UK on-trade over the past couple of years, from Martinis made with Parmesan, aged in balsamic barrels or even infused with umami flavours of porcini mushrooms.
“As consumers continue to seek out these unique flavours, we’ve created this full-flavoured Smoky Bacon & Horseradish Gin to tap into this growing trend.”

Bottles of the limited-edition release can be snapped up online from £21.