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This mushroom infused Canadian Whisky has the internet talking

Perfect for sipping neat, this bottle harnesses the unami trend

This mushroom infused Canadian Whisky has the internet talking
Danielle de Wolfe
17 December 2023

Sometimes the more unusual a whisky, the more popular it becomes - and we suspect this distinctive release from Bearface Canadian Whisky is no exception.

A concept that's already got the internet talking, this fetching looking 42.5%ABV offering harnesses the power of nature.

Infused with distinctive notes of Matsutake mushrooms, the release, named Matsutake 01, marks the debut release from the brand's Wilderness Series.

Yes, it's a flavour combination that might sound a little unusual, but given the current trend for all things umami - meaning savoury flavour, which is one of the five basic tastes - it's little wonder some genius attempted a crossover into the whisky market.

Packed with delicate unami notes, Bearface's Matsutake mushroom expression is like no other - for multiple reasons.

Unlike the UK (and much of the world for that matter), Canada's unique regulations state that anything labelled 'Canadian whisky', 'Canadian rye whisky', or even just plain 'rye whisky' has to be aged in a specific way.
The liquid must sit in 'small wood' barrels (that's casks less than 700 litres to you and me) for a minimum period of 3 years.
The country’s laws also allow for whisky to contain added caramel colouring and flavouring - differing from UK protocols.

This mushroom infused Canadian Whisky is dividing the internet

Anyway, back to the good stuff.

Speaking of the release, Bearface's Master Blender, Andrés Faustinelli, said the expression has been “a long time in the making”, adding that the highly anticipated drop was set for success.

“With each new limited release, we strive to shatter category norms and challenge traditions," said Faustinelli.

"I know Bearface Matsutake does just that. As seen with the latest spirits trends – umami flavours are in.

"The Matsutake mushroom grows once a year in the Canadian wilderness making it highly covetable and rare and brings a sophistication to this bottle unlike any other whisky.”

The first collection to fall under Bearface's Wilderness Series forms part of its Elementally Aged trilogy - a blend of French Oak, Sherry Pipes and Casked Matsutake.

This mushroom infused Canadian Whisky is dividing the internet

Capturing the essence of nature, the brand says it selects oak casks which are then stored in repurposed shipping containers and exposed to the elements thrown out by the Canadian wilderness.
Shaped by the harsh conditions and fluctuating temperatures within Bear Country where the product is matured, the brand notes the extreme temperature fluctuation actually amplifies the interaction between the whisky and wood - giving it its distinctive flavour.
Sounds interesting, eh?

If you fancy yourself a bottle, hop on over to the brands webstore, where you can pick yourself up a bottle for $44.99 CDA (around £21).