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This app lets you text yourself up to 25 years in the future

You could have a lot of fun with this...

This app lets you text yourself up to 25 years in the future

Have you ever texted yourself something? Yes you have, you have texted yourself the name of a song, or a picture of your cat or an accidental “u up” message. 

The thing is, when you do this, the text immediately appears in your inbox - what if you want to text yourself something in a week, or a month, or in 25 years?

It may seem pointless when you have a calendar, but when you think about it, it’s actually quite fun, and dare I say it: sweet. A sweet app for remembering nice things that have happened, called Incubate.

The app’s creator, Michael McCluney, originally came up with the idea when his friend, who was raising triplets at the time, expressed a want to show his kids footage of them when they were older, but was worried he’d lose it somewhere. Good Guy Michael simply invented the app and his friend was then able to send footage into the future, ready for his teenage children to be embarassed by. Thanks Dad!

McCluney has also found that many users are utilising its magic features to keep the memories of their weddings alive by sending regular updates down the line, of their big day. He even introduced a specific add-on called Incubate My Wedding, which allows guests to send their own memories to the hopefully-still-happy couple. An additional extra is the Future Booth, which is basically a giant iPad installation at the wedding which guests can use to take wacky photos and vids to send down the timeline like absolute Timecops.

McCluney told Brides:

“Every bride in history has said, ‘My wedding day was a blur,’ but now it doesn’t have to be. You will receive messages from the biggest day of your life from those who you love most, your wedding day never ends. And there is nothing more special that being reconnected with those loved ones for years to come.”

The add-on costs £225 though, so fuck that. I’d prefer a free bar thanks.

Still, the basic app is free, and you can still send yourself a future text or a personal wedding day celebration text, but come on - this is for practical jokes, isn’t it? Sending your best mate a text in five years time that says something like “TODAY MARKS THE FIVE ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR BREAK-UP FROM KATE YOU STUPID IDIOT WHY DID YOU EVER DO THAT ANYWAY HOPE YOU’RE WELL ME AND KATE ARE DOING FINE THANKS” is top drawer smartphone-based tech-banter. That’ll teach him, the lonely slug!

At present, it’s only available on iPhones, but it’ll most likely roll out on other platforms soon. Get time-travelling, you bunch of phone-having Marty McFlys! The utter, utter slug!

(Image: Felipe Luiz)