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This viral thread about 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' will ruin your childhood


This viral thread about 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' will ruin your childhood
30 January 2018

I remember, as a small, irritable child, I convinced my mum to buy me the first issue of an Animals of Farthing Wood magazine, which contained a free VHS with each issue. I then remember crying profusely - you know, really over-egging it - when I realised that I was not, in fact, going to get every single issue of this rip-off magazine. 

Much like those Build Your Own Titanic! mags, to have bought every single edition would have ended up costing my parents around £350,000,000, so I now understand their reluctance to succumb to my high-pitched requests. Didn’t at the time though.

Anyway, as such, I have a complicated relationship with the show, and I associate it with sadness. This meant that whenever I caught it on television, I would likely become upset and/or cry. I like animals, and often, bad things happened to those animals - it was a tough watch, for a show ostensibly aimed at small children.

But I had forgotten just how harrowing it was, until I saw one of those ‘thread’ things on ‘Twitter’ and ‘gasped’ at ‘it’. A man called Ben, off the internet, had exhausted himself (and his poor, fragile heart) by going through the whole series and listing all the horrendous deaths. 

You can find them below if you want your day ruined (there are pictures, too, pictures of impaled baby rats covered in blood, from the kids’ show for kids on kids’ television for kids FOR CHILDREN FOR LITTLE CHILDREN):

Jesus HELL.

(Image: Idea wiki)