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Angelina buys Brad a waterfall

Jealous, us? Yes.

Angelina buys Brad a waterfall
03 January 2012

Those susceptible to feelings of inadequacy, followed by pangs of insecurity multiplied by fears of financial meltdown, look away now.

No matter how dazzling you thought your Christmas present to your better half was, there’s always some smart Alec who’s going to better your hastily purchased, reduced jumper from ASOS.

Take Angelina Jolie. Rather than buy Brad Pitt a magazine subscription/a wallet/a beer making kit this festive period, she splashed out on a waterfall. And not just any waterfall. Jolie bought the land surrounding this lavish expanse of water close to Los Angeles so Pitt can design a house inspired by his hero, architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

According to one of those handily-placed tabloid sources, Brangelina hope to turn the land into a hideaway for their family.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you to avert your gaze.

(Image: Rex Features)