How one male support group is taking on depression and saving lives

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Harvey Day

Andy’s Man Club is helping men realise it’s okay to talk about difficult things like mental health and suicide

“It’s okay to talk.”

That’s the message from Andy’s Man Club, a men’s mental health group founded by Luke Ambler that’s trying to change the way men think about their emotions.

They run support groups across the UK – and they know exactly why their work is so important. “Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45. We want to stop that,” the group says.

While there’s still an urgent need for more government mental health funding, Andy’s Man Club is helping men to realise it’s okay to be vulnerable and talk about difficult things like suicide and depression.

Watch our video with Luke and some of the men who’ve been supported by the group… 

And if you’ve been affected by suicide or are considering it, you can find further help at Samaritans or Mind