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That new dating app Hater has released a list of people's biggest turn-offs

It's time to ditch those cargo shorts, guys

That new dating app Hater has released a list of people's biggest turn-offs
05 May 2017

Everybody knows Tinder, Grindr, Bumble et al – they’re the fail-safe dating apps, and 100% of people have them on their phones (check your partner’s, it’s there).

But have you heard of Hater? It’s an app that matches people based not only on pictures of them riding elephants, but also by what they hate. You scroll through thousands of app-generated subjects and swipe away, saying whether you like or hate them and then you’re matched using that info. It’s fun: Hahaha I hate geese, you hate geese, let’s fuck, etc.

Anyway, Hater has done a bit of research into what the men on the app like and dislike, and how that pertains to how attractive they are.

They split up their American users into the top 10% (so, the guys that were swiped right the most) and the bottom 10% (those that were chucked on the reject pile most often) and analysed their preferences.

Basically, it turns out attractive people like PBR (which in this case is the American beer Pabst Blue Ribbon, not Professional Bull Riding) and those on the lower end of the desirability scale like cargo shorts.

So yeah, I could’ve told you this: most women hate cargo shorts, so ditch them. You shouldn’t still be wearing them anyway. Although it must be stressed that this analysis was done in America, and I’m pretty sure over half of the country wear a pair at all times. On their legs and arms.

Other things that hot men like are superfoods, hair of the dog, Serial (the podcast), and staying at Airbnbs. Standard, boring, 2.4 man shit, basically. They also were fond of V-neck sweaters, skinny jeans, and J. Crew (this is America, remember). So the kind of person all men hate is the kind of person all women like – makes sense.

On the less desirable other side of the fence, preferences included long shorts (which are firmly in the same unfashionable boat as cargo shorts), anime, Pokemon Go, and Windows (the operating system, Christ).

Bear this in mind, because it probably extends to Tinder and friends, too – sack the cargs, mate, they’re asbestos.