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Amp up the volume! Mojo 2 is here to make your headphones sound better

The DAC is back.

Amp up the volume! Mojo 2 is here to make your headphones sound better
Marc Chacksfield
31 January 2022

If you are fed up with your headphones offering up subpar audio, then the Chord Mojo 2 is for you.

The long-awaited sequel to the original Mojo, which is now seven years old, this pocket-sized gadget is a portable DAC that you can plug into any old wired headphones and the sound that comes out of them is instantly improved.

Mojo 2, made by British company Chord Electronics, is an headphone amp and DAC rolled into one and is for those that really want to hear their music as the band intended, packed with tech so advanced that it is only available in acronym form.

Case in point: the Mojo 2 has something called UHD DS built in, which stops any type of signal degradation and 18 steps of adjustment so you can tweak lower bass, mid-bass, lower treble and high treble levels to your own liking. And there are two 3.5mm headphone slots available, so you and a mate can listen to Charles Mingus’ Theme For Lester Young together and compare notes at the end.

Chord has made a number of new updates for those who are looking to upgrade from the original Mojo, including better battery life, an extra button and better processor management.

In short: plug this thing into your computer or phone - there are USB-C, optical, coaxial and Micro USB slots - and this little gadget will will bathe your ears in audio goodness.

The catch is that this thing costs £449 / $775, so definitely a gadget for the audio enthusiast.

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