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'America's Got Talent' just gave us the greatest cat video of all time

They're like dogs, BUT CATS!

'America's Got Talent' just gave us the greatest cat video of all time
30 May 2018

Performing dogs are a dime-a-dozen, mate - nobody is impressed with your dumb mutt spinning around on its hind legs, jumping through a hoop. Send it back to the kennel, it’s boring.

But a cat? A cat doing tricks? Well, now you’ve got our attention. The reason for this is, that cats do whatever the hell they want and will not pander to your requests to perform. Getting a cat to do something is extremely difficult, as anyone who has ever had to give their cat a pill can attest.

However, it seems that some people have a knack with their cats, a knack for making them do rather breathtaking things, as is evidenced by this clip from America’s Got Talent:

That’s pretty, erm, impressive, that. Like, wow, those cats are doing some weird and pointless things there - how on earth did the trainers organise this?

Head judge Simon Cowell said:

“You know why that was so impressive? Because dogs want to please. Cats are like, ‘Make me.’ They had sort of like ‘cattitude.’ I think there’s a gap in the market for this. I thought with my dogs sometimes, it’s like I want to take them out and see a show and this is a show I can take them to.”

Fellow judge Howie Mandel added, “The thing is, we’ve seen a lot of these tricks done by dogs, [but] I have never seen a cat do that. Never. And the beauty of the show is that people come from all over the world to show us things we’ve never seen before and you did that.”

Meanwhile, Heidi Klum said, “Obviously I am also very impressed. I used to have a cat and even if I would call her name, she wouldn’t even come inside of the house.” 

When Howie asked if the cat left, Heidi responded, “Well, she died. She was old.”

One thing though: ARE THOSE CATS HAPPY?

It’s all dressed up in fancy colours and sparkle, but what’s going on inside the cats’ heads? Are they internally screaming? Are they going “No no no no no no no no no”? What are they feeling?

Anyway, can’t work out whether this is really really great or really really bad.

Can you raise a paw if you’re alright guys?

(Image: Getty)