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Amazon Prime Video has a new number-one movie - and it packs a punch

You won't want to miss this one...

Amazon Prime Video has a new number-one movie - and it packs a punch
Marc Chacksfield
23 March 2024

The 80s revival is well and truly underway right now. In the cinemas we have the Ghostbusters getting slimed, a new Beetlejuice trailer is doing the rounds and, on the small screen, there's a fantastic new 80s remake that hits all the right notes.

Road House is the remake of the '80s action movie of the same name. The 1989 film starred Patrick Swayze who, armed with a black belt in karate and a PHD in philosophy, is hired to be a doorman at a dive bar in Middle America. The kicker: a shady businessman doesn't want the violence in the bar to stop.

Watching the original now and it's definitely in 'so bad it's good' territory, with its cheesy dialog, over the top action scenes and rock soundtrack making it a something of a cult hit. Which was cemented with the Family Guy meme.

Skip to 2024 and Jake Gyllenhaal is now in the role of James Dalton and his resume has been updated to include the fact that he is now an ex-UFC fighter. The action has also shifted from Missouri to the Florida Keys.

Dalton still loves his coffee, breaking bones and receiving some nasty gashes, but the bad guy ante has been upped with real-life fighter Conor MacGregor in his first film role.

The film also looks a lot better, thanks to Doug Liman at the helm - it does deserve to be on the big screen and there has been some controversy surrounding the reasons why Amazon decided to keep in straight to stream.

The big screen's loss is Prime Video's gain though, with FlixPatrol reckoning the movie has shot straight to the top spot of Prime Video's movie charts, replacing the so-so Ricky Stanicky. Interestingly, the original Road House is also in fourth place.

Amazon Prime Video has a new number-one movie - and it packs a punch
Image Credit: Prime Video

The movie currently tracking at around 63% on Rotten Tomatoes with reviews liking the direction this remake goes in...

The Telegraph notes: "Perhaps it’s a pity that the original’s sleazy gleam is gone, and Dalton’s romance with doctor Ellie (Daniela Melchior) is conspicuously chaste. But this is otherwise rough-hewn, hard-bitten entertainment – with an irresistible puppyish grin on its face."

Detroit News says: "Road House is a rousing action movie that delivers the goods. It's a sun-kissed, balled fist homage to the House that Swayze built."

Vanity Fair writes: Liman is not trying to make terribly credible art here. We are only meant to make merry orbit around its violence, just as the Road House patrons do.

Salon isn't a fan, though: "Prime Video's remake of "Road House" sadly pales in comparison — in part because takes itself far too seriously, and its changes fail to improve a perfect original."

Nor is The Independent: "For a remake of a film that was all about sleaze, this Road House is also clinically passionless."

Road House is streaming now on Prime Video - here's our pick of some more of the best Prime Video movies.