Amazing Friday The 13th Coffee Table


If you're really bloodthirsty, now you have somewhere to rest a warm cup o' blood.

This one-of-a-kind piece of Friday The 13th-themed furniture has been designed and built by Australian special effects company Slaughter FX. It features a latex rendering of Jason Vorhees, the hockey mask-wearing bad guy from the classic slasher flick. The table comes with a glass top, so you don't spill coffee on the serial killer trapped within.

The piece is a one-off which has already been bought for $800AUS (£400). However, more could be in stock soon. In the mean time, why not take a look at the other three tables custom-made by the Queensland-based prop-makers? You can see the whole range here.

If you fancy a cuppa, why not come on over to Vor-house?

Maybe? Come on. It's not that bad of a pun. 

[Via: UpRoxx]