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Alternative World's End posters

Alternative World's End posters

Alternative World's End posters

Sad news: the Cornetto trilogy is coming to a close. Less sad, if not fantastic news: third and final film The World's End is a doozy.

And we're not just saying this because lead stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost came into the office to guest edit this week's issue. Well, they did, but the mint flavoured finale to director Edgar Wright's trio of Brit hits is worth celebrating.

As is often our custom on, we commissioned a set of incredibly talented designers to create their take on the poster for The World's End and the results are in.

On their visit into the office, Pegg and Frost did take a moment away from wielding their editorial power to give their thoughts on three of the posters, all of which you can see underneath the video.

The World's End hits cinemas Friday

(Images: Fernando Reza, Matt Ferguson, Scott Woolston, Vero Navarro, Mark Reihill, Sharm Murugiah, Samuel Rogers, Marie Bergeron)