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Alternative Godzilla posters

Alternative Godzilla posters

Alternative Godzilla posters
27 April 2014


That's us signalling the arrival of our latest set of exclusive posters and you guessed it, they're for Godzilla. We commissioned a set of our favourite artists to come up with some unique designs for the release of the monstrous new blockbuster.

The enviably talented group of designers have come up trumps with some of our favourite posers for a good old while. You can see the names at the bottom. So please shower them with love.

If you think you have what it takes to get involved in our next gallery then please email

Godzilla hits cinemas on May 15

(Images: Thomas Walker, Tom Muller, Andy Hau, Peter Stults, Chris Malbon, Tim Weakland and Kasey Gifford)