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The Premier League has just changed and it's great news for the fans

A result we can all celebrate

The Premier League has just changed and it's great news for the fans

Huge news for football fans: Premier League clubs have just agreed to cap away tickets at £30 for the next three seasons.

Agreeing that more should be done to help away fans, the clubs voted unanimously in favour of curbing runaway ticket prices, which with any luck will make those expensive train/bus tickets on the (sometimes painful) journey home that bit more reasonable.

The Football Supporters' Federation has been calling for cheaper away tickets for a good while now, and had actually campaigned for prices to be capped at £20. Still, it's a sizeable victory considering some of the costs that fans have previously had to fork out.

It would also be hard to ignore the ongoing controversy around the Premier League’s latest TV deal, worth £5bn – yes that’s billions and there are five of them – and set to make the top-flight become even richer next year. However, this appears to be the first major step in pooling that extra finance the right way and will surely help boost the terraces and restore the lifeblood of the game.

It's also worth remembering the recent fan protests against ticket prices, including those of Liverpool, who ignored the motto of Gerry and the Pacemakers during a game against Sunderland recently, by walking out on their team in the second half as a show of defiance over planned hiked-up ticket prices.

With the gap between Premier League player and average fan never wider, it’s result all football fans can celebrate.

Now what about capping the price on those undercooked pies?