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Alan Partridge is back! Here's how to dress like him

Clue: Vintage shops are your friend

Alan Partridge is back! Here's how to dress like him
19 February 2019

Last week we told you the news you’d all been waiting for: Alan Partridge is coming back to our screens in This Time With Alan Partridge.

We all love him, quote him, want to be him: so what better way to achieve the latter than by actually dressing like the radio-turned-TV host?

Here’s everything you should buy to get that 80s-weekend-dad look you’ve coveted for years. No problem.

Very ‘Switching on the Christmas lights in your home town’

Quite what’s going on here nobody knows; whoever’s job it is to style Alan must have to wear tinted sunglasses to stop them from getting severe migraines from the clashing.

We couldn’t find a roll neck in this exact shade of travel agent blue, but you can get the look with this silver bomber from Beyond Retro, blue roll neck from Topman, and truly, truly horrendous Union Jack belt from Etsy.

This is the exact image we imagine inspired the entire Jack Wills brand

We couldn’t quite find the right blazer to totally rip off this look, but that’s because we imagine you’d have had to go to a school where you also get a gold signet pinky ring to own one. Shops for mortals have simply veered away from making them.

It’s either that or delve into your Dad’s wardrobe, push aside the cycling shorts and the ‘I Ran The World ‘86’ t-shirts that he’s holding onto for posterity, and dig out the one he wore on his third date with your mum.

Emulate Alan’s look with a set of neck scarves from Beyond Retro, this pink shirt from Zara, and a slightly less Etonian blazer from Twisted Tailor at Topman. Add a sense of entitlement for the full experience.

There’s just… so much going on here, isn’t there?

When you don’t have time to get changed from your office job as a printer cartridge salesman before hitting the bowling alley – why not do both? Keep it smart with a jazzy tie, but let people know you’re in leisure mode with a quirky bomber jacket.

Copy Alan with this Mickey Mouse denim number from Beyond Retro, this Topman tie, and these Dad-jeans from Arket. Belt wise, just dig out literally any belt you owned between 2006 and 2011 to complete the look. Wear with a tan leather brogue last seen on every straight man on a Friday night in 2008.

P.S. If you’re wondering why we haven’t shown you how to get the header image here, it’s because even vintage shops aren’t selling light blue safari suits. That’s a one-off for Alan. Probably for the best aye?

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