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Afew's Peanut butter trainers

Afew's Peanut butter trainers

Afew's Peanut butter trainers

How much do you love peanut butter? Enough to eat it from the jar with a spoon? Enough to name your first born 'Peanut'? Or just enough to buy a pair of peanut butter trainers?

Well German retailer Afew has teamed up with trainer brand KangaROOS to help you achieve the latter. These brown, smear-it-on-a-bagel beauties are the Coil R-1 "Peanut Butter" - our new favourite food-based trainer.

The upper material of the trainers isn't formed from crushed peanut shells (we were disappointed as well - science has apparently failed us) but from a more conventional, high quality waxed calfskin. The inner tan lining is made from goatskin, with custom insoles depicting the aforementioned spread.

While unashamedly a novelty piece, these KangaROOS have been kitted out in some seriously high quality materials and sport a DYNACOIL cushioned sole. If you want to dip your feet into these nutty treats, you'll have to wait until they appear on Afew's website on 30 August.

(Images: Afew)

[Via: Hypebeast]