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adidas Originals MCN Promodel

adidas Originals MCN Promodel

adidas Originals MCN Promodel

Shoes. You're probably a master of them these days, slipping them on to your feet and strolling out the door without a second thought. But remember when tying your laces was 10-minute brain teaser? Or putting the right foot in the right shoe was a 50/50 gamble?

While the collaborative effort of adidas Originals by 84-Lab on the Promodel doesn't do away with lacing, they do helpfully include the best foot indicator we've ever seen on a pair of slick trainers: 'Right' on the right heel, 'Wrong' on the left.

Featuring a suede navy upper, leather detailing on the humorous heels and stripes and rubber soles, these are a fresh take on a classic trainer.

And there's nothing to stop you from replacing the laces with those self-tying spring-loops. They're available for £93 (the shoes, not the laces) from Hype Beast.

(Images: adidas)

(Via: Hype Beast)