Basketball fan is next levels of livid with freelance writer... for sharing his name with an NBA star

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Dave Fawbert
Basketball fan

We all know that the internet is a hotbed of anger, constant outrage and shrieking these days, but really: this is taking things to a whole new level.

Aaron W. Gordon is a freelance writer based in New York who’s written for a few very good places and built up a solid Twitter following over at his @a_w_gordon handle - 8,511 followers as I type.

However, there is also a basketball player called Aaron Gordon, who plays for Orlando Magic - he was the fourth pick in the 2014 NBA draft, so he’s pretty tasty. I won’t pretend to know any more about basketball than that but he looks very tall and he can do this sort of thing:

He’s also on Twitter, with the handle @double0AG and a hefty 129,000 followers.

The two of them, despite having the same name, have managed to co-exist pretty peacefully.

Until now.

Because someone is very upset with the writer Aaron Gordon.

Very upset.

Aaron Gordon
Writer has same name as basketball player: fan gets extremely angry

He hasn’t earned the views guys.

Don’t be fake news people.

Step out of the way because someone else with the same name is coming through and you should just lay down and let them walk all over you.

Some people were convinced though:

Fortunately, the ‘other’ Aaron Gordon was totally cool with the whole thing:

The best suggestion so far though? Undoubtedly this: