A To Z Football Typography Series

The club scarf. The club kit - home and away. The team calendar. The autographed programme. Once you've reached a critical mass of footballing memorabilia, it's almost impossible to find anything with your club's logo on it that isn't plain tat. Almost.

No matter how much footy-themed momentos might clutter their house, the typographic football posters of Form & Glory are worthy of a spot on any fan's living room wall. Designed by Matt Berry of Dinkit, the series delves into the colours, kits and crests of European giants to create a full A to Z series. Yes, there's even an X (thanks to Andalusia's Xerez CD). 

Such is the quality of the designs that even if your club isn't included (sorry to the fans of Newcastle, Manchester City, Chelsea... there are quite a few missing) you'll still be tempted by one of the entries. 

Available in a limited run of 100 per print from Form & Glory's online store, each of the letters will set you back £32. Here are a few of our favourites.




Nottingham Forest

Inter Milan



Manchester United


Paris St Germain

Tottenham Hotspur


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West Ham

Xerez CD

Young Boys


(Images: Form & Glory)