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A Stunning Modern Pocket Watch

A Stunning Modern Pocket Watch

A Stunning Modern Pocket Watch

"Heavens, is that the time? I'm to be late for my appointment with Quentin at the haberdashery", is a line we'd expect to hear exclaimed by someone upon examining their pocket watch.

Unless, that is, they're handling one of MMT's contemporary wooden revivals. 

The Touch series takes the classic-yet-impractical design of the humble pocket watch and marries it to a set of stunning wooden finishes. Each piece is made up of three separate parts: a stainless steel casement, a wooden backing and a matching leather strap.

Available in walnut, maple and ebony, we'd recommend against partnering this with similarly-aged accessories - no one can pull of a cane and pipe any more.

The range starts from £133.33, and is available from De Zeen Watchstore.

(Images: MMT)

[Via: Hypebeast]