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A guide to the Destiny Beta

A guide to the Destiny Beta

A guide to the Destiny Beta

If you've lost all contact with any friends in the past few days, chances are they've locked themselves away with their PlayStation in a darkened room to explore one of the gaming events of the summer.

On 17 July, Bungie - the makers of the gaming phenomina that is Halo - tentatively opened the gates on their eagerly anticipated project, Destiny. As PlayStation 3 and 4 owners surged to pick up codes for the Beta test, their swelling numbers were so great that they brought the PSN network to a (momentary) grinding halt.

For those of you lucky enough to have a PlayStation Beta code, or awaiting the Xbox One and 360 launch (23 July - not long now), chances are you'll be eager to gain an edge over combatants in the Crucible and looking to make the most of your fireteams. We've teamed up with YouTube blogger extraordinaire MrDalekJD for a guide to getting ahead in the Destiny Beta.


Destiny Beta: An Introduction from MrDalekJD

Destiny revolves around you becoming a legend, playing as a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth. Compared to most games, this offers players a chance to get lost in a bold and intricate universe, spanning our familiar solar system.

The main map allows you to decide your adventure: either story, co-operative, multiplayer or just explore the world on offer. The Tower is the main social hub for Guardians, allowing players to relax, buy new weapons and gear or accept bounties that will challenge you on your adventures.

Earth is home to Old Russia, with the Beta offering a small glimpse of the game's story mode. The six missions provide insight into what’s to come on 9 September as you learn of the collapse of humanity’s golden age and the war between light and dark. Each mission expands the story and provides an incredible challenge.

Competitive multiplayer takes place in The Crucible, the only place where you play against other players. Throughout Destiny, you are able to change your loadout on the fly, allowing you to pick a gun that works for you and the map you’re playing on. Learn to control the deadly pulse rifle and you’ll be deadly on the field - but there are a range of other weapons to suit your style.

Here are my ten tips for mastering the Beta:


Boss battles

When fighting bosses in the story missions in Old Russia, take your time and keep your distance. Most of these encounters are in a no respawn zone, so when you die you restart the chapter from an early point. Save yourself the frustration and take your time.


Pick your targets

In “The Devils Lair” Strike Mission, make sure everyone in your fireteam aims at one specific leg on the “Devil Walker” boss fight. It is a much faster method for everyone to destroy one leg, and then shoot his main core when it is exposed.


Go exploring

When you’ve completed the main story missions, you are able to free roam within Old Russia and explore The Cosmodrome. This is highly recommended, as there are a lot of things to find, and this area can all be explored whilst riding your Sparrow, which can be summoned at any time.


Bounty hunting

In the Tower, talk to the robot “Xander 99-40” about bounties, as completing these bounties will help you level up and earn yourself some sweet loot.


Get decoding

Also in the tower, talk to the Master Rahool the Cryptarch in the Tower, as you may possess some encrypted engrams which he can decode for you. This can unlock you some special armour or a rare weapon.


Keep it heavy

In Crucible multiplayer matches, pick up heavy ammo for your third weapon as soon as it’s available as it’s significantly more powerful.


Saddle up

When playing on the moon in The Crucible, try to take control of one of the vehicles as soon as possible, as these are powerful against enemy guardians.


Keep moving

Strafe left and right when in a gun-fight to make yourself harder to aim at.


Duck and cover

When you are in a gun-fight and you’re low on health, no matter what's going on, take cover. It’s more important to regenerate your health rather than risk using the small amount you have to take someone down.


Get following

Special events take place in the beta at specific times and days, so make sure to keep updated on Bungie’s Twitter & Facebook to find out when these happen. Special events such as “The Iron Banner” allow players to earn rare items including capes, emblems, as well as play two new multiplayer maps in The Crucible.

For more from MrDalekJD, be sure to check out his YouTube channel and Twitter.

Destiny arrives on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on 9 September

(Images: Bungie)