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A cheese festival is coming to the UK and it sounds amazing

Cheese lovers rejoice

A cheese festival is coming to the UK and it sounds amazing
09 August 2017

If, like the rest of us, you love cheese, oh boy do we have some Goud-a news for you – because a cheese festival is hitting the UK. 

The Big Cheese festival will be held at Brighton Racecourse early next year (3rd March 2018), and says it’ll feature a “plethora of the finest international cheesemakers and mongers showcasing their amazing cheeses”. 

“From halloumi fries to mozzarella sticks, raclette or fondue, our vendors will be on hand to turn the finest fromage into melted gooey delights,” the Big Cheese writes. All of which sounds pretty good to us tbh. 

The event will also feature a range of bars “serving craft beers, liquor and wine”, as well as live comedy, local bands and “cheesy DJs performing a selection of jazz, funk and R n Brie”. See what they did there.

(Image: The Big Cheese Festival)

Early bird tickets have already sold out, but if you fancy getting pissed and eating an obscene amount of cheese you can sign up for the next batch here. You can also get pissed and eat loads of cheese in your pants at home, I guess, but that’s less fun (most of the time). 

(Image: Big Cheese Festival)