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5 trends to jump on now that will be massive for autumn/winter

Puffer jackets and patchworking (no, this is not the nineties)

5 trends to jump on now that will be massive for autumn/winter

The end is nigh. Not the apocalypse or anything as grim as that, we’re talking about the end of summer.

That’s right, after a sweaty few weeks of drinking prosecco in parks instead of tea on the sofa, summer is coming to an end.

But don’t be sad, as this means investing in a new wardrobe, which is exciting because winter style is superior to summer, because as well as layering up in a slick jacket and scarf, there’s also less chance of seeing a pair of Crocs or someone wearing a vest so low cut it borders on indecent exposure. Here's what's set to be big at the chilly end of the year.


Another nineties-esque trend that’s made its way back into the 21st century is patchwork, bringing together different patterns for a contrasting look across shirts and jeans.

This has evolved from skate culture, with brands like Palace, Stussy and Supreme all jumping on the back of this statement thrift store feel.

Photo credit: Stussy


From raw hem jeans to rips in tops, one of next season’s top looks is to appear that you’ve just crawled out of a very cool ditch.

This rough and ready trend comes partly from the revival of grunge which never went away, but also from Kanye West’s line of dystopian outfits.

Photo credit: Kyung Hoon Kim

Puffer jackets

Less nineties chav, more streetwear god. Instead of seeing people drinking special brew in the park in one of these you’ll be seeing them more in artisan coffee shops and vegan restaurants, as the trend for non-ironic retro clothing such as tracksuits, bucket hats and baggy jeans stays strong.

Photo credit: Supreme


Not exactly a groundbreaking trend that’ll shake the world, but when they look as good as this timeless Burberry coat, we’ll let them off (when we say “them”, we mean the trend trolls who live in the centre of the earth who decide all major looks).

If last year’s must-have coat was the camel, then this year’s is definitely the check. So make sure to get one early on, as if it anything like last year’s camel coat, the first batches will sell out.

Photo credit: Burberry

Embroidery and badging

Following on from the massive trend of souvenir jackets this summer, the love for embroidery is finding its way into shirting for a modern cowboy feel and badges into bombers for a DIY military look, both adding individuality to any outfit. 

The best part about this trend? You can take your old shirts and jackets and update them for cheap by just buying the badges from Etsy or eBay. Can’t sew? Don’t worry, it’s not at all embarrassing to get your mum to do it…

Photo credit: Topman