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5 style sins that have been forgiven (including socks and sandals)

From socks and sandals to trainers and suits, we think it's about time to break these style rules

5 style sins that have been forgiven (including socks and sandals)

Some things are completely unforgivable, like wearing Crocs or an Ed Hardy t-shirt in a non-ironic way. But fashion has become a lot more accepting in 2016, with faux pas such as wearing socks with sandals becoming an actual trend, and not just the uniform of middle aged dad’s on holiday in Spain. Here are a few of those rules it’s now OK to break:

Trainers & suits

What was once “may the defendant please rise” is now a look that has taken the sartorial world by storm. It looks like the days of monk strap shoes and brogues are over, as a pair of sleek white trainers seems to be the only choice of footwear when it comes to casualising your tailoring.

Socks & sandals

No, we’re not joking, this is a serious look that you need to get on board with this summer. Big named brands such as Acne and Prada have been championing it for a while as part of the active wear trend. You always knew you’d turn into your father, but at least now you’ll be on trend.

T-shirts & suits

More evidence of the decline of traditional sartorial wear. Over the past few seasons shirts have been ditched in favour of the shirt. Is it because menswear is heading in a more casual, relaxed direction? Is it because we’re all too lazy and it’s too much of a hassle to iron a shirt? It’s a mystery, but we like it.

Clashing prints

With the rise of the Hawaiian shirt as an actual essential summer item and not just a jokey vintage shop find, clashing your patterns has never been cooler or easier. The simplest way to pull this off is by layering an open short sleeve shirt over your tee, and works with everything from Aztec and stripes to paisley and florals.

Tube socks and shorts

Who knew socks were going to be such a big thing? Tube socks have evolved from '70s LA skater to clichéd teen movie geek to must-have modern accessory. So if you could never get away with those awkward, flimsy invisible trainer socks, it’s time to rejoice, because baring all has never been more acceptable.