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5 of the best baseball jerseys to have in your wardrobe

And how to wear them

5 of the best baseball jerseys to have in your wardrobe
13 August 2018

Aside from Moneyball and that film where Kevin Costner had a throw-around with some ghosts in his cornfield, you might not know much about the game of baseball. 

That’s fine. It happens. 

But just because you’re not well-versed in the finer tactics of America’s Pastime doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of what are some very lovely (and versatile) team jerseys.

While the game itself is certainly slower paced, the shirts themselves have plenty going on and are having a certified moment in the wardrobes of Instagram’s most stylish men.

Turns out baseball style goes way beyond caps. These are the jerseys you need to know about…

The casual Fridays one

One good thing about sports jerseys in general is that they’re ideal for a hot and humid summer’s day.

The only problem is that they often look like sports jerseys.

While that might work in certain environments, it can be hard sneaking a Borussia Dortmund away shirt past the bosses in some offices.

Enter the baseball jersey. Usually resembling a lightweight button-up cardigan or collarless shirt, the options it gives can really open up your wardrobe.

Plain-coloured shirts with chest detailing, such as this Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim jersey, work well as a relatively understated summer look.

Not only does white look cracking with a tan; the coloured logo across the front ensures it doesn’t seem like you’re dressed like an annoying colleague from a certain sitcom in a plain white short-sleeved shirt.

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The layering one

Once the sun goes down (a bit) or it gets less apocalyptically warm, a layered baseball jersey is a fantastic option. 

From here, the world is your oyster as you graduate from white and off-white to the many colours on offer in Major League Baseball. 

As with many layering options, the trick is to make it look like you haven’t tried at all. 

As long as you’ve got the basics down, acting like you’re not trying won’t be hard work. Try wearing a crewneck tee to offset the baseball jersey’s V-neck, as a double-V could make your neck look two-feet long. And do make sure your colours don’t clash.

The added bonus of this Oakland Athletics shirt is the cuff detailing around the sleeve, which will accentuate the biceps you’ve been cultivating all summer (or, at least, thinking about cultivating).

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The tonal one

It’s true that colour-matching your outfits can be more art than science, but there’s one thing you can do to lessen your chances of failure. When in doubt, go tonal – think lighter blues and dark greys.

This Kansas City Royals jersey goes well with denim and navy, and any darker shades of blue you’ll likely be wearing.

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The patterned one

When it comes to patterns, keep it simple: no more than one garish pattern per outfit, buddy, or you could end up looking like a literal clown.

Some patterns, such as the Yankees classic pinstripe, will be easier to wear and offer another key lesson in layering: paying attention to the accents. 

The Yankees shirt’s white-with-navy-detail means that not only can you rock it over white and navy; you can also team it with other colours that complement this colour spectrum (such as grey). This will give your outfit a nicely understated feel.

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The autumnal one

Autumn. It may feel like a long way away, but it’s really not and soon it’ll be time to break those jackets out of storage once again. 

The baseball jersey will remain a key layering piece, this time as a mid-layer. Breaking up the jacket and crewneck with a pop of colour will add intrigue to your otherwise muted autumn palette.

Wear it buttoned and the jersey will give you a slimmer, more athletic look that, frankly, your lifestyle may not deserve.

But you, like the rest of us, will take what you can get. 

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There is heritage and style in every Cool Base Jersey. 

Watch fashion blogger Matthew Spade visit the Majestic Athletic factory in Easton, PA. There he discovered the roots, people, design and history that make Majestic Athletic jerseys so unique:

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