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5 easy ways to wear pink

How to nail this season's biggest colour without looking like an oversized flamingo

5 easy ways to wear pink
07 July 2016

It’s happened.

Pink has been taken back from the clutches of privately educated rugby boys and is now safely in the hands of the world’s best brands. From suave tailoring to basic t-shirts, this season’s catwalks and street style have been flourishing with shades of pink. But if it’s been a while since you’ve indulged in a statement colour and want to avoid looking like an expensive form of contraception, here’s a few easy ways you can pull it off.

Smarty pants

Faded pinks are a great gateway into the trend if you’re worried that it might be too much for you. Start off with a pair of light trousers and work them into your favourite smart casual look for a summer statement. See: Oliver Cheshire. 

Trail blazer

If you’ve got a summer wedding planned and you feel like you’ve flogged that navy suit to death, then this pastel pink linen blazer is the alternative you’ve been looking for. Don’t feel like you have to go head-to-toe, as it works as a suave separate with a multitude of other colours.

Jacket required

Plain Harrington’s and bomber jackets have been overdone by so many brands these last few years and, although they’re still massively cool, they needed a little rejuvenation. TOPMAN Design showcased a great update with this suede textured piece recently at London Collections Men.

Tees-y does it

The easiest way to get into the pink trend – a t-shirt. What started off as an underground skate/streetwear staple has now seeped into the mainstream (you can’t keep secrets forever, hipsters), with everyone from ASOS to Oliver Spencer stocking this basic tee.

Quilty as charged

Pink can fall into your everyday outfits easily, so don’t feel like you have to completely change your wardrobe. Everyone has a key monochrome outfit in their arsenal, and Tiger of Sweden has shown us how you can completely mix that up with a quilted layer. Trust us, everyone will be wearing it soon.