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25 times Pharrell was the most stylish man in the world

His hats, his brogues, his short suits...

25 times Pharrell was the most stylish man in the world
27 August 2015

Pharrell Williams is so much more than Happy and huge, oversized hats.

During his hugely successful music career, the man has also forged his very own fashion path, designing clothes for Billionaire Boys Club, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo and Moncler, to name but a few.

But rather than just designing clothes and letting other people show them off, Pharrell has become a fashion icon in his own right and wears his unique creations like no one else. 

Who else could team patchwork, tweed and denim all at the same time and look so damn cool while doing it?

Pink Panther

Who said blue is for boys and pink is for girls? Pharrell wears his fuchsia coat with pride, teaming it with a huge hat, necklaces and dramatically ripped jeans. As you do. 

Glitzy Tux

The traditional black tux has died a death, if Pharrell is to be believed. His combination of sockless brogues, a sparkling suit and - most shocking of all - no hat, makes for an elegant statement on the red carpet. 

Hell for Leather

Never afraid to set a trend, Pharrell works a jumble of necklaces, a top-to-toe leather bodysuit and a bare chest for a performance in Amsterdam. We'd definitely recommend some Dutch courage before trying this look out. 

As long as I got my suit and jeans

Mixing suit trousers with suit jackets? Pairing socks with trainers? Pharrell definitely isn't one to go in for such old-fashioned ideas - he's often seen pairing smart blazers with rolled-up, ripped jeans and customised trainers to great effect. 

Going incognito

Like a true star, Pharrell knows the value of keeping his true feelings under wraps, accessorising his snazzy tux and bow tie with this pair of round sunglasses, which wouldn't look amiss in an old John Lennon photograph. 

Yellow kicks

With the white gloves and military jacket, this could have looked a tad Michael Jackson-esque. But Pharrell, master of cool, keeps it modern with yellow trainers and a nifty little hat. 

Stylish couple

At the Chanel Paris-Salzburg Show in New York, Pharrell posed with his wife Helen Lasichanh in this military get-up, which, frankly, would look absolutely bizarre on us, but which just looks effortlessly cool on him.

Baker Boy

Performing in Denmark, Pharrell showed that it's not all about huge hats and peculiar shorts - in a brown leather jacket, ripped jeans and baker boy hat, this outfit shows you really can replicate the singer's style. 

Always Adidas

Chilling out in London, Pharrell wore stripy socks, chic brogues and a floral bomber jacket by his favourite brand - Adidas, of course.

Kicking off

Who said floral short-sleeved shirts were just for Hawaiian middle-aged men? Teamed with a slogan T-shirt, leather boots and a trusty microphone, it looks rather modern on Pharrell.

Kiss My...

Pharrell clearly sees nothing wrong with obvious product placement - so much so that he doesn't just wear his brand on his sleeve, he wears it on his bum. And we haven't even started on his awesome customised leather jacket...

Hat's All

If there's one thing the man has taught us, it's that you can get style inspiration from anywhere. No one else could have made the Harry Potter Sorting Hat cool but Pharrell, who wears it like a true Gryffindor. 

Jean on jean

All the cool kids are wearing double denim these days, didn't you know? Pharrell combines dark jeans with a tattered denim jacket to make a style splash on stage in LA. 

Peace Out

Pharrell jazzes up his safe jeans and cosy jumper with a suede hat, cool bandana and trusty peace sign. 

Suited And Booted

An unusually demure outfit by Pharrell's standards, he keeps the outfit from looking boring by adding some excellent navy shoes - with no socks, of course. 

Sheepskin Style

Sometimes, the simple things in life are the most stylish - like this subtle white tee, jeans and cosy Ugg combination, with an unusually low-key hat, for a performance in LA. 

It's all white

In a full white short suit, bow tie and clinically clean brogues, Pharrell opts for a truly individual outfit. Beware: this is a look that should only be emulated by men with serious levels of confidence - and a dry cleaner nearby.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

You may very well own a baggy, cosy onesie, but not many of us have the courage to wear it out of the house, let alone onstage in front of thousands of adoring fans. But Pharrell in his Spongebob Squarepants get-up makes us want to wear ours to work. 

Hat's Handy

Sometimes, your pockets just can't fit your keys, wallet and phone all at the same time. If in doubt, just perch a gigantic hat on your head and hide them underneath it - for all we know, this one might even have compartments and drawers for all Pharrell's bits and pieces. 

Patchwork Prince

Patchwork jeans, a tweed jacket and an enormous fedora? There really aren't many people who could make this odd combination work bar Pharrell, who pulled it off with panache at the Brit Awards. 

Shoe choices

What do you do when you just can't decide which pair of Timberland boots to wear? Wear the brightest pair and carry the others in your hand, of course. 

It's a tie

If you want to take a leaf out of Pharrell's style book but don't have the courage to start wearing glittery suits or huge hats, take inspiration from this simple but effective outfit: a smart suit, shirt buttoned to the top and trusty brogues. For extra cool points, roll up both your sleeves and trousers - and don't even think about wearing a tie.

The Clash

When in doubt, clash your prints. It might sound counterintuitive, but as Pharrell so aptly displays here, leopard-print slip-ons, a tartan shirt and a grey trilby all worn together sound terrible in theory - but look great in reality. 

Casual cool

Pharrell looks strangely underdressed here, with not a trilby or necklace in sight - but this just goes to show that by adding a few key accents (note: brogues, unevenly rolled-up jeans and a great watch) you can make even the most boring of outfits look seriously cool. 

Tasteful Trilby

Hands clasped in prayer - one of Pharrell's signature poses - the singer looks relaxed in a loose khaki T-shirt, denim shorts and the sort of straw trilby we always buy for our holidays and then promptly forget in the airport.