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20 Unlikely Style Icons

20 Unlikely Style Icons

20 Unlikely Style Icons

From James Dean to Pharrell, we’ll always have men in the media to turn to for style tips. But it’s the un-trumpeted that can often inspire.

Here’s our round up of the most unusual ones to look to for garm' game.

1. Ted Logan - Bill & Ted’s bogus journey

Ted’s bodacious style epitomises the nineties, with vintage high tops and straight leg denim, not to mention as many layers as you damn well please. 

2. Andre Villas Boas – Former Tottenham Hotspur Manager

Forget Jose - there's another Portugese manager you should be taking touchline tips from: Andre Villas Boas. A spokesman for a well tailored suit, on and off the pitch.

53. Ernest Hemingway

His mid-century style consisted of pressed khakis and distressed brown leather jackets which have as much place today as they did in yesteryear. And if you want to age gracefully, look no further to how to wear a well groomed beard and rollneck. 

4. Rocky Balboa

We’re not suggesting you start predominantly wearing grey tracksuits, far from it. Rocky’s off duty look includes boots, jeans with accent leather gloves and a fedora. Looking fly now.

5. Prince Charles

A bottomless bank account no doubt comes into play for the royal’s wardrobes. Regardless, Prince Charles puts it to good use with timeless British heritage wear from tweed to Barbours.

6. C3PO

As the hype around Star Wars swells, it’s not Han Solo or Vader’s draping fabrics that the fashion world has taken inspiration from. C3PO has graced the covers of LOVE and GQ, and even inspired a pair of chrome Balenciaga leggings. Admittedly, they were for women, but a bit of chrome never hurt anyone. Though we’d suggest keeping it to accents on your trainers.

7. Steve Urkel - Family Matters

Though his jam jar glasses have been and gone, his vintage acid wash jeans and two tone brogues are extremely on point.

8. George Raft - Scarface

One of the few men who could pull of wet-look gel with grace, the original Scarface actor secured his iconic reputation with tie pins and accessories that topped off his incredible suits. So good was his sense of threads that real gangsters started to dress like him. 

9. ace ventura – ace ventura pet detective

A quiff that rivals Alex Turner and Hawaiian print shirts that were everywhere this summer. His mental state may not have been stable but his style choices were.

10. Dave Davies – The Kinks

A proponent of mod clothing, the lead guitar player of the band pioneered ruffled shirts and double-breasted jackets.  

11. Tin Tin

Despite being an admirable young reporter hot on the heels of criminals, the Belgian had time to boast an iconic style. He was sporting rolled up wide leg trousers long before the catwalks.

12. Rab C Nesbitt – Rab C Nesbitt

His lifestyle may be questionable, but his penchant for mesh was way ahead of the times. Health Goths will not enjoy the style comparison of a favourite material.

13. Smithers – The simpsons

With ankle grazers, rounded specs and a bow tie, Smithers was a hipster before it was cool. 

14. Action Man

Action Man is what you’d call a style chameleon, looking badass in everything from ninja attire to scuba gear. He’s an advert for how you can pull off almost anything with the right fit, and if you believe in your guise. 

15. Timmy Mallett

Nothing oozes confidence like not giving a sh*t. His loud shirts were almost as loud as his catchphrases.

16. Disney’s Robin Hood

Kicking ass and taking names in khaki since the seventies.

17. Brendon Lee - The Crow

All. Black. Everything.

18. Channel 4’s Jon Snow

A gleaming example of how a bit of colour can go against the status quo. Socks to silk tie, he's glorious.

19. Walter White – Breaking Bad

Evolving from suburban middle-aged man into a fearless drug baron wasn’t only reflected in a booming meth business; Walt’s style took him to a dark place sartorially speaking too. Goodbye yellow shirt and chinos, hello black shirts and an unmistakable hat.

21. Gonzo - the muppets

A master at making the pattern clash of tie and sweater vest work.