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20 Twitter accounts that will make you look and dress better

20 Twitter accounts that will make you look and dress better

20 Twitter accounts that will make you look and dress better
01 April 2017

Tired of opening your drawers in the morning and putting on the same old tired t-shirt and jeans you’ve been seen in for the last half decade? Fear not, there are people, very well dressed people, on your favourite social media site that can help.

From the best stores to the coolest blogs, smartest pop stars to the most iconic British tailors, get ready to lay your eyes upon a collection of inspirational Twitter accounts so stylish you’ll want to put your wardrobe through a wood chipper and send your credit card on a marathon of Internet shopping.

Scroll through our hand-picked selection of the best, click follow, and get ready to dress, look and feel better than ever…

Mr Porter - @MrPorterLive

Who: Online stockist of high-end garments and up-to-the-minute styles.

Most likely to post: Links to their informative ‘journal’; news on latest collections; photos of pristine clothes to drop your pennies on.

You’ll learn: about all the new brands you want to fill your drawers with, and that spending £775 on a pair of jeans isn’t totally crazy after all. 

Highsnobiety - @highsnobiety


Who: Daily essential menswear news site covering streetwear, footwear, lifestyle and more.

Most likely to post: Pics of the coolest kids walking the streets at Fashion Week; links to the best gear ahead of anyone else; GIFs of DJ Khaled.

You’ll learn: to scroll through this before hitting the pub with your mates, so you can unload a torrent of style intel on them before they can say, "Oh yeah, I saw that."

Nick Wooster - @NickWooster


Who: Street style ‘icon’ and superstar fashion director.

Most likely to post: Stories about his latest brand collabs; envy-inducing pics of his fashion-led travels; RTs of him getting street-styled.

You’ll learn: that the top button is your friend.

ASOS Menswear - @ASOS_Menswear


Who: Menswear arm of the most visited fashion site on the planet.

Most likely to post: Must-buy items on sale; analysis of stylish celeb looks; next season’s biggest trends and how to wear them.

You’ll learn: how easy it is to run your bank account into the black (but look hella good while doing it). 

Opening Ceremony - @openingceremony


Who: International shopping destination for uber cool high-end fashion seekers.

Most likely to post: Pics of heavily jawboned models; all-too-tempting links to spash your cash on; brands with names we can’t pronounce.

You’ll learn: what the coolest kids in design are up to, who they’re collaborating with, and how to close your eyes before hitting ‘go to checkout’.

Four Pins - @four_pins

Who: Influential streetwear jokers of the Internet generation.

Most likely to post: Pics of Kayne with RT-bait captions; GIFS of wannabe streetwear heads with RT-bait captions; Funny Vimeo links with RT-bait captions.

You’ll learn: what ‘fire’, ‘cop’ and ‘jawn’ mean in 2016. When you do, let us know. We're still working it out. 

Hypebeast - @hypebeast

Who: Essential online bible that any fashion or streetwear lover should religiously check over breakfast.

Most likely to post: First looks at major fashion releases; interviews with major menswear players; art, culture and lifestyle news that you’ll be telling your workmates about over the water cooler.

You’ll learn: about everything before everyone else.

Ruffians - @ruffians

Who: Award-winning barbers in Edinburgh and London.

Most likely to post: 'How To' vids on styling your barnet; pics from in-store parties; links to their own ace range of hair care products.  

You’ll learn: exactly what to ask for next time you get a chop on top.

Murdock London - @murdocklondon

Who: London’s go-to outlet for all things grooming.

Most likely to post: Essential tips on keeping your beard less trampy and more dandy; upcoming events to roll down to; links to their own-brand grooming kit.

You’ll learn: where you’ve been going wrong with your morning routine all this time.  

END. - @endclothing


Who: A superb menswear shop in Newcastle that stocks globally sourced garms you'll drool over. 

Most likely to post: What’s coming to their in-store racks; hard-to-find rare trainers; inspirational outfit-of-the-day pics to get your wardrobe juices flowing.

You’ll learn: to drop everything and get out your credit card when you see a ‘sale starts now’ tweet from this lot.

Individualism - @individualism


Who: A collective of impeccably-dressed experts and influencers founded by brothers Aaron and Reuben Christian.

Most likely to post: Their latest collaborations with big-time brands; personal picks from their team; links to the most recent shoots housed on their slick blog.

You’ll learn: that loads of stylish fashion heads are better than one. 

Size? - @sizeofficial


Who: Global footwear and garments powerhouse that've stocked in-demand brands for the last 16 years.

Most likely to post: What’s coming soon; what’s just arrived; what you’re shopping for this weekend.

You’ll learn: that no man’s wardrobe is complete without a couple of pairs of HUF socks. 

Filson - @filson


Who: Purveyors of the finest, hardiest and ruggedest outerwear goods all the way from Seattle, Washington.

Most likely to post: Fist-bitingly beautiful photos that make you want to pack it all in and go on a huge manly outdoor adventure with Filson clothes on your back. 

You’ll learn: that dressing for the elements has never looked so good.  

Oi Polloi - @oipolloi


Who: Much-loved menswear shop you wish all your clothes came from.

Most likely to post: Pics of items from new brands you’ll instantly lust over; what’s just dropped in-store; one-day-only codes to give you a tasty discount.  

You’ll learn: to add their Manchester and/or London store to your hit list next time you go shopping.

Tinie Tempah - @tinietempah


Who: Impeccably dressed popstar who’s never far from a front row.

Most likely to post: Pics from his prime position at London’s Fashion Week; selfies with famous designer pals; links to his latest chart-topper.

You’ll learn: How strong one man’s glasses game can be.

Abdel Abdulai - @boyfromdagbon

Who: Dead good street style photographer.

Most likely to post: Shots of amazingly-suited gents and cool kids taken on the pavements of London, New York, Milan and more.

You’ll learn: to dress your best, even if you’re just nipping out to Lidl. 

Matthew Zorpas - @MatthewZorpas


Who: The man behind influential site The Gentleman Blogger.

Most likely to post: RTs from major brands he’s teamed up with; shots of him dressed in the finest tailoring; pics of where he is is on his international travels.

You’ll learn: that we all should start a blog in order to travel the world, party hard and dress like a world-saving British spy every day.

Menswear Style - @menswearstyle


Who: A top London indie lifestyle mag.

Most likely to post: Roundups of the best gear out that month; where to shop that week; brands to look out for now.

You’ll learn: to check-in here before even opening your wallet to buy anything. 

Sir Paul Smith - @paulsmithdesign


Who: Legendary British fashion designer.

Most likely to post: Links to recent interviews and stories in major titles; latest collections; photos #takenbypaul himself.

You’ll learn: more than you thought about the inner workings of one of the country’s finest tailoring destinations. 

Bobby Hundreds - @bobbyhundreds


Who: Co-owner of LA streetwear staple The Hundreds and a dab-hand with a camera.

Most likely to post: Sneak peeks at his brand’s latest collabs (such as Pepsi and metal band Slayer); photos he’s taken of A-list stars; links to his musings and ramblings on his brand’s blog.

You’ll learn: how massive and respected US streetwear has become over the last five years.