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20 Best Looking Band T-Shirts

Including Bob Marley, Nirvana, ACDC and more

20 Best Looking Band T-Shirts
17 August 2015

Band T-shirts, no matter how old, tattered or obscure, never go out of style. From iconic imagery like The Rolling Stones' lips logo to more modern incarnations of reverence, such as Swedish House Mafia's classic slogan T-shirts, wearing your favourite bands on your sleeve has long been known as the most fashionable way to mark yourself out as a die-hard fan - or as someone who has at least heard of the band you're professing to love.

Get inspired with 20 of our favourite...

The Rolling Stones

Mugshots aren't known for being the most flattering genre of photos, but if anyone can make them look good, it's Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, whose stage presence is still as commanding as ever at the grand old age of 72. This prison-style photo shows the rock star in his younger years, and is a quirkier alternative to the famous Rolling Stones lips logo worn by fans the world over. 


Motley Crue

Regardless of whether you're a heavy metal fan, you surely must concede that in the hierarchy of cool band T-shirts, Motley Crue's epic selection is up there with the best.


The Beatles

Who knew you could still buy band T-shirts for groups defunct since 1970? This retro tee has the look of an authentic band poster from the era, and the circular headshots of the Fab Four are eye-catching without being overpowering.


The Vaccines

Whether you love their music or decidedly avoided their Glastonbury set, you can't fail to be impressed by this Lichtenstein-esque band T-shirt by indie rockers The Vaccines. 


Arctic Monkeys

If you're the kind of guy who likes to wear his lyrics on his sleeve, you should opt for this simple monochrome tee bearing the words of the Arctic Monkeys hit. 


The Who

When you're feeling patriotic, fly the flag for British bands with The Who's Union Jack peace T-shirt.


The Fratellis

If you love football and The Fratellis, you'll adore this shirt, which shows off your sporting and musical allegiances all at once. 


The Kinks

A worthy rival to The Beatles' infamous Abbey Road road sign, Muswell Hill saw the beginnings of one of the other huge bands of the 60s, The Kinks. 



You can pretend to be one of Motorhead's roadies with this classic black and white T-shirt - though whether people will believe you is another matter altogether.



A quirkier alternative to the recognisable Nirvana T-shirt with just one smiley, why not opt for countless sinister smiling faces in a world oversaturated with saccharine emojis?



When you're hungry for music, this 'McNuffin and Chips' Blur T-shirt should fill you right up.



The ultimate band T-shirt, stars and fashionistas across the globe have proclaimed themselves Ramones fans by donning one of these iconic designs. 


Swedish House Mafia

The now-defunct Swedish house trio are still revered on the club circuit - and you can join in the adulation simply by wearing one of these classic lyric T-shirts. 



Bold, brash Run DMC T-shirts are never far from a teenager's wardrobe - but whether said teenagers could actually name more than one of the legendary group's songs is another question.



There's nothing like adding a touch of Darwinism to a band T-shirt, as expertly demonstrated by ACDC and this classic tee.


Pink Floyd

Inspired by an original tour poster, this Pink Floyd tee is just one of the many great designs the band have created for our wearing pleasure. 


The Stone Roses

Combining two timeless trends, this bold logo band T-shirt appeals simultaneously to music lovers and those looking to make a statement. 


The Strokes

Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest, like this fuss-free logo T-shirt from one of our favourite bands, The Strokes.


Bob Marley

Personally, we'd always prefer a subtler, cooler way to honour Bob Marley in our wardrobe than the weed-emblazoned T-shirts favoured by backpackers. This more understated option is a fine choice.


Led Zeppelin

The Mothership artwork, a giant vinyl and the legendary Led Zeppelin logo: what's not to like?