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20 Excellent Rain Cheating Jackets That’ll Make This Wet Week Better

Nobody enjoys the rain but, you may as well be grumpy in style

20 Excellent Rain Cheating Jackets That’ll Make This Wet Week Better
24 August 2015

Great news, the weather's going to be rubbish all week. We might not be able to clap our hands and make the sun come out but we can make sure you're prepared for the dismal commute and inevitable drizzle by pointing you in the direction of these rainproof and stylish jackets.

Penfield Elk Overhead Anorak

If you're all about bringing your ski wear to the streets of London, look no further than this cosy overhead anorak. If it's good enough for Switzerland, it's good enough for here.



New Look Parka Jacket

If you wear the same jacket whether it's January or June (come on, would you really call this a summer?) then this is one for you. It's suitably padded to keep you warm during the winter months, but won't swamp you in the (mildly warmer) summer. 


Topman Rains Yellow Short Jacket

The type of super dry jacket that a stupidly cool fisherman would wear. If he was awesome.


adidas Originals Archive 1988 Over The Head Jacket

Unashamedly retro and achingly cool, you can make that trek to work a bit more enjoyable by pretending you're in a 90s boy band - and if it rains, you'll be more than safe.


Zara Quilted Jacket

Sleek and smooth, this quilted jacket has all the technology you need to make sure it keeps you warm when running for the bus, and cool when it's full yet again, the bus driver shouts at you and you end up having to walk the whole way to work. 


Abercrombie & Fitch Gilet with Insulation

Can't quite decide if you're hot or cold? Then you need a gilet in your life. There for you when the walk to work is just a bit overwhelming, but without giving you those dreaded tube sweats. 


H&M Khaki Jacket

Easy to throw on, lightweight and cosy, this is one jacket that'll go with everything. 


Helly Hansen Lerwick Rain Jacket

Without looking too much like you're trying to be Jim Carrey in The Mask, this bright yellow raincoat will add a splash of colour to your day. Hey, we'll take anything we can to make the commute a bit less grim.


Rains Long Waterproof Jacket

Easy to chuck on over any outfit, and it'll keep you dry enough to lift your mood as you get turned away from the tube station yet again due to rain day rush.


ASOS Asymmetric Parka Jacket With Drawstring In Khaki

When you just want to wrap up warm without the risk of any wind chilling your bones, you need a handy parka like this, with its all-encompassing hood and numerous zips and buttons to protect you from the outside world. 


Selected Homme Unstructured Wool Overcoat

It's a rather sensible sort of jacket, but when nothing else around you is making sense, perhaps an overcoat your mum would approve of is just what you need.


Levi's Wool Trucker Jacket Ingleside Plaid

Making a statement without being too ostentatious, this lightweight jacket is perfect for summer and will jazz up even the most insipid of work clothes. 


Lyle & Scott Jacket with Hood and Eagle Logo

Rainproof, fuss-free and with a giant hood to protect your barnet from the drizzle, this is a fail-safe jacket for when you just want to put your head down and get through the weather, strikes, and multiple other obstacles London puts in your way.


CLWR Bomber Jacket Water Repellent

This is exactly the sort of jacket you want when it's raining cats and dogs and your usual hoodie won't quite cut it. You can get this one as sopping wet as you like, and it'll always bounce back into its polka dot best. 


H&M Parka

For the days when the rain threatens to drench everything from your shirt to your belt, you need a mighty defensive parka just like this one to make sure you're still in one piece by the time you get to your desk. 


Native Youth Flight Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

Metallic jackets are always a winner, rain or shine - and this one has a faux fur collar, which might seem a bit risky but, god damn it's comfortable. Like the embrace of a loved one, you can also use it as a sound cancelling device when the rowdy commute gets too much. 


ASOS Trench Coat With Belt In Navy

It doesn't get better than a classic trench - so why not try a navy version, rather than the traditional shades of beige? 


The North Face 1985 Mountain Jacket

Garish, bold and sure to make a statement, this is a jacket for the alternative man, one who says: "Tube strike? What tube strike? I rollerblade to work."


New Look Single Breasted Jacket

Smart and business-like, this no-nonsense single-breasted jacket will give you an air of authority when elbowing fellow commuters out of the way. 


Pull&Bear Faux Leather Biker with Button Neck

We've all been there: finally daring to wear our real leather jacket, only for it to pour with rain and ruin our prized possession forever. Why not opt for a faux leather jacket? They're equally stylish, but not as likely to ruin your day if they get wet in the joys of the British summer.