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15 times Liam Gallagher proved he was the more stylish brother

Noel who? It's all about Liam and the announcement of his new solo album

15 times Liam Gallagher proved he was the more stylish brother

Liam Gallagher is doing what he said he'd never do. No, not becoming an acceptable, dignified member of the human race, he's making a solo album.

The Oasis frontman has announced that he'll be releasing a collection of songs in 2017, branding himself a 'c*nt' for doing so, as he's ridiculed his brother Noel in the past for his solo efforts.

Beady Eye wasn't the best project, so let's hope this effort will stick. But just in case it doesn't, let's take a look at something Liam does get right: his style.

Liam, proving bucket hats aren't just for babies and elderly fisherman

"Hi, I'm Liam, welcome to MTV Cribs"

He has a fantastic collection of sunglasses, but...

...he's always altering them like they're about to fall off his face

A paisley shirt so strong its drained the colour from his face

At least if the solo career doesn't work out he can maybe become a royal guard

The only man to wear a paisley scarf at a football ground and make it out alive

His collar is supposed to be popped...don't try and put it down for him

A rare photo of Liam and Noel not fighting or smoking

Wishing the 'suuuuuuunnnnsheeeeiiiiiiiiiinnnnee' would come out

The nineties BRIT Awards shot that obviously inspired Tom Hardy's Bane

It doesn't count as street drinking if it's three bottles of champagne

Spot the Englishman


Oasis Days~ #LiamGallagher #GallagherBrothers #MyMusic #UK

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Liam never really did grow out of the school picture day pose

Tent or Kangol parka? Whichever it is, it works