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10 Quotes From Liam & Noel On Oasis Reforming

10 Quotes From Liam & Noel On Oasis Reforming

10 Quotes From Liam & Noel On Oasis Reforming

So the rumour mill is in full action once again following reports in the Daily Mirror that Noel and Liam have reached a 'gentlemen's agreement' to discuss an Oasis reunion. 

While there's nothing concrete in place - and Noel's publicist has denied the reports - it's the story that refuses to go away. Naturally, odds have tumbled on the band taking the final headlining spot at this year's Glastonbury.

However, there's still no word from the men themselves, so we've taken a look at what they've said on the subject, since they went their separate ways in 2009, to see if we can find any clues as to their intentions. Suffice to say, it's a mixed bag. But it's the Gallagher brothers, so it's always entertaining to hear what they have to say.

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It's all about the money

"Half a billion [pounds]...If somebody puts that on the table, I’ll pack my bags in the morning and say, “How many gigs do you want?”

Vulture (February 2015)

It's not about the money

"I would reform Oasis. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not desperate to. But if it was right, I’d do it. I’d do it for nothing, I’d do it for the music.” 

The Sun (June 2013)

It's all about the money (definitely)

“Nobody has made us an offer. I’ve been in the same room as Liam, and even then nobody’s said, ‘Weren’t Oasis great? You should re-form. But if I was ever going to do it, it would only be for the money. This isn’t me putting it out there, by the way. Would I do it for charity? No way. We’re not that kind of people. For Glastonbury? I don’t think Michael Eavis has got enough money. But would we get back together one day? As long as everybody is still alive and still has their hair, it’s always a possibility. But only for the money.”

Q (January 2015)

They'd do it for a 'lap of honour'

"People ask would I get Oasis back together. I'd do it for nowt, but if someone's going to drop a load of fucking money, I'd do it for that too. I don't think we'd ever make another record. I doubt we'll ever get back together. If we do, it'd be nice to do that fucking thing that's coming up (the 20th anniversary of ). I'd be up for that. But I'd still go back to Beady Eye and Noel would go back to his thing. We could bury the hatchet for a quick lap of honour."

NME (June 2013)

It's definitely not happening

[Would you reform Oasis?] "Not even if all the starving children in the world depended on it. I know it's the done thing these days and what people do, but it's not what I do. I know bands reform and 'They're bigger than they ever were' and 'They're more successful than they ever were', but Oasis were one of the biggest bands in the world. At any given time, we were one of the five biggest bands in the world. We were the biggest thing to come out of England in 35 years. Why would we do it? For the fans? Nobody ever gave a shit about the fans in that band. It's done."

NME Radio (September 2012)

But if the Stone Roses can do it...

“If the Stone Roses can do it, then anyone can do it. I can understand the man in the street thinking, ‘That was such a huge thing, how can you walk away from it?’ I understand. When the Sex Pistols reformed I thought it was the greatest thing of all time. You can never predict what you’ll be doing in 20 years’ time, but I guess if everyone remains vaguely slim and has not gone bald, then it’s on the cards. Forever. But saying that, when I pick up a guitar I don’t think about an Oasis reunion. I’ve recently seen [guitarist] Gem [Archer], and Liam, and [drummer] Chris [Sharrock], and not one of them mentioned it.”

Evening Standard (December 2012)

It's about the music and the fans

“There’s not a day goes by when I don’t think about Oasis and the music, but it wasn’t meant to be... time is a great healer, they say. I’m certainly not putting out an olive branch. Me and our kid are still at loggerheads. I’m not desperate to be in a room with that miserable c***. Me and him would get into a scrap immediately. But I’d do it for the right reasons, for the music and for the fans. I don’t need the fucking money.”

Telegraph (November 2011)

They won't do it for their mum's sake

"I get people who say, “You should really make up with your brother.” I go, “Why’s that?” “For your mother’s sake.” What the fuck’s it got to do with her? You don’t know Liam, you don’t know me, so fuck off."

ShortList (October 2011)

Let's do it

[If Noel approached him about a reunion]: “I’d say bring it on, let’s do it. Me and him have not spoken since 2009 so who knows? If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’ll do it if people want to do it."

Channel 5 (June 2013)

Paul Weller won't let him

“He threatens me that if I ever go back in Oasis that’ll be it between us. He’s always say’s ‘You fucking heard all these fucking things about your fucking reunion?, and I’m like ‘Yeah, I know’ and he goes ‘You’re not fucking doing it?’ and I’m like ‘No’, and he’s going ‘Good good good. Basically, if Oasis ever did get back together, which is highly unlikely, I’d have to leave London and move back to Manchester. Because he’d put my windows in”.

NME (January 2015)