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10 Mistakes Men Make When Buying A Suit

10 Mistakes Men Make When Buying A Suit

10 Mistakes Men Make When Buying A Suit
21 September 2015

We get it, finding the right suit can be an endless journey to the changing rooms. But the right suit is an investment that will carry you through the seasons.

Here are the pitfalls you should avoid in your search:

1. Sleeves too long

Too long and you look sloppy, too short and it looks like you’ve had the same suit since you were 18. Your jacket sleeves should be a ½ above your shirtsleeve.

2. Jacket is too long

In case someone forgot to mention suit jacket 101, the bottom of your jacket should end where your fingertips end when your arms hang naturally.

3. Going for wide lapels

Choosing a suit with wide lapels can make your entire look look dated, particularly if the rest of the suit is not well fitted. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best not to exceed 3in.


4. Shirt sleeves too long

Where your suit jacket can pose pitfalls, so do your shirt sleeves. They should sit comfortable on your wrist and should not stick out more than half an inch from your suit jacket.

5. Too tight

Slim fit suits look good, providing there is no visible stretching of the fabric. Trust us: your guns don’t look like Thor’s just because your suit looks like it’s about to weep. Your buttons should close snuggly.

6. Trousers too long

While flashing your socks is the present trend, not everyone wants to jump on board. If you want to opt out, get your trousers tailored so that when your trousers skim your shoes there is only a half break (that’s the horizontal crease in the fabric at the bottom of your leg).

7. Shoulders too wide

Your suit jacket should be snug across your shoulders, not so much that you Hulk rip out of it when you hunch forward but a cosy fit should keep you looking trim. The seam of the sleeve should be at the edge of your shoulder and shouldn’t crumple up.

8. Going for synthetic

Synthetic fabrics can make your suit look cheap overall, regardless of fit and price tag. Wool is your safest bet but generally thick, textured fabrics are the ticket.

9. Wrong shirt size

There’s a tick list you need to check when buying a shirt for your suit – neck, sleeves, length and shoulders. You know about sleeves and shoulders, but here’s how to check the rest. When you tuck your shirt in, it should be a snug fit. If the fabric is roomy, your shirt is too big. To check your neck, you should be able to run one finger in-between your neck and the collar and no more. 

10. Not getting anything tailored

No matter where you buy your suit, you should always get it tailored. And it’s not just the trousers, your jacket often needs a pinch on the biceps and torso so that the fit is perfect. And after all, a tailor’s work is ageless.