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Loved One Day? Here are three more amazing shows to watch

Already finished One Day? Here are three more shows you might enjoy to fill the hole...

Loved One Day? Here are three more amazing shows to watch
Andrew Williams
19 February 2024

One Day is the most popular TV show on Netflix right now according to Flixpatrol. But if you’ve already sped through all 14 episodes, we have some suggestions for you to jump to next.

Just here out of curiosity? One Day is an adaptation of a book by David Nicholls. Its 14 episodes look at the evolving relationship of Em and Dex, dipping into the lives (roughly) each year.

It’s a love story that spans a couple of decades, from the late 1980s to 2007.

“Netflix’s One Day Is Absolutely Excruciating. I Loved It,” is the headline for Slate’s review.

But, hey, you probably have your own opinion on One Day already. Here are the shows to check out next.


Loved One Day? Here are three more shows to watch

2014’s Lovesick ran for three seasons, and was originally called Scrotal Recall. Yep, it’s a weird name but does relate to this show’s very specific concept. Dylan is diagnosed with an STD, and has to inform his previous partners.

Like One Day, it balances comedy and the real heart-rending stuff perfectly. The show finished up its third season in 2018, and while it was never cancelled as such, it’s safe to assume this one is done. There are 6-8 episodes per season, so it’s not too much of a commitment either.


Loved One Day? Here are three more shows to watch

Paul Rust wrote this show with his wife Lesley Arfin, (very) roughly based on their own relationship. He (Paul Rust) is a geeky and anxious, she (Gillian Jacobs) is a party girl. They’re an unlikely couple, but will it work out?

This show leans into the comedy side more than One Day, which should come as no surprise given Judd Apatow was one of the show’s co-creators. There are, again, three seasons of this show. But it ended as a mutual decision between Netflix and Apatow’s team, which can seem a rarity these days.

Normal People

Loved One Day? Here are three more shows to watch

This 12-episode series is based on the smash hit novel of the same name by Sally Rooney. Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones star and, just like One Day, Normal People is propelled by a sense of believability that helps you buy into the central relationship.

Connell and Marianne are also separated by a class divide, and his mum works as a cleaner at her family home. This one’s a very millennial take on a love story and, you’ve been warned, features quite a lot of sex scenes.