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World Records to break while you are at home (18 to try!)

Want to be a record breaker from the comfort of your living room? Then try and break these.

World Records to break while you are at home (18 to try!)

World records aren't just for olympians. Guinness World Records keeps track of thousands of them, from the largest pizza ever baked to the highest number of push-ups performed by a robot.

Many of these records can even be attempted from your home.

If you're of a certain vintage, you may remember the UK TV show Record Breakers, which put the ideal of getting a world record under your belt into the minds of millions of kids.

It was made in association with Guinness World Records, which maintains a massive hall of fame of records for all sort of weird and wonderful stuff.

However, if we're being a little realistic about it, there are only a few records most people could break at home.

Many of us had it drilled into us as kids that all it takes is imagination and dedication to succeed at anything. Luckily, ShortList is here to help you find your inner record breaker. We've been digging deep into the Guinness Book of Records archives and picked out 18 brilliant records old and new that you can try and break from the comfort of your home.

These records can all, technically, be done in the home or garden. But even if you can't take the most selfies ever or put on the most socks on one foot in less than half a minute, we bet you and your siblings or your pals will have a lot of fun trying. Enjoy, and good luck!

World Records to break at home

World Records to break at home

1. Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds

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Can you put 28 socks on one foot in just 30 seconds? You can! Wow, well then do 29 and you will be a record breaker. Pavol Durdik from Slovakia currently holds the record for this, with the only rule being that you have to put them on one at a time. That’s right, there are no rules for them being clean so you can raid your laundry basket for this one.

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World Records to break at home

2. Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds

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We know you have been stocking up on the toilet paper, so why not put those (currently) unused rolls to good use and try and win the record for the tallest toilet paper tower? The current holder, Silvio Sabba (a name that crops up a lot in world record lists) managed 28 rolls. The only rule is that you must only touch one roll at a time.

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World Records to break at home

3. Most Smarties eaten in 60 seconds blindfolded using chopsticks

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You can use Smarties or M&Ms, we're not fussy with this one, but we actually reckon that this one is easy to beat. Eating 20 Smarties in one minute is simple… What’s that? You need to use a blindfold and chopstick? Well that changes things somewhat. You also can only pick up one Smartie or M&M at a time.

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World Records to break at home

4. Fastest time to arrange the alphabet from a can of alphabet spaghetti

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Cody Jones is the current alphabet spaghetti champion - which is a brilliant record to hold. The record to beat is a cool 3 minutes 21 seconds to find all of the letters of the alphabet in a can of alphabet spaghetti. That sounds like a lot of time but, trust us, you’ll be turning the air blue trying to find the elusive V.

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World Records to break at home

5. Most selfies taken in under 3 minutes

A selfie stick is essential for this endeavour

One of the most recent records on the list, Indian actor Akshay Kumar took 184 selfies in under three minutes as promo for his new movie, Selfiee, but if you were doing this from the comfort of your home would you be able to take even more? You tell us. Just make sure you have a decent selfie stick to get the best angles.

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World Records to break at home

6. Fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head

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If you have a Mr Potato Head lying around (everyone should, to be honest) then you can try and break the record of the fastest time ever to assemble him. The rule is very Radiohead, in that everything must be in the right place. To win the record, you’ll have to beat Samet Durmaz from Turkey who managed it in an unbelievable 6.62 seconds.

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World Records to break at home

7. Fastest time to eat a 12-inch pizza using a knife and fork

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If you normally eat a pizza with a fork then we officially aren’t friends. But we will let you off if you attempt to break this record. Kelvin Medina from the Philippines is the current record holder, he managed to eat 12 inches of pizza, with a fork, in a mere 23.62 seconds. That’s pretty damn fast. The rule is that you have to have swallowed it as well.

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World Records to break at home

8. Most football touches in 30 seconds

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If keepyuppy in the garden is keeping you sane right now, then this is the record attempt for you. In 30 seconds you need to do as many football touches as you can. The current winning totals have been made by Parker Kuklinski (252 football touches) from the USA, and Chloe Hegland from Canada (163 football touches) respectively. The one rule is that the ball must be kept in the air.

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World Records to break at home

9. Most Clothes Pegs Clipped to the Face in 60 seconds

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Don’t blame us if this leaves your face rawer than your scrubbed hands after doing this one. We are just putting it out there that if you did manage to clip 52 clothes pegs on your face then you would beat Silvio Sabba’s current world record of 51. This record has stood for eight years now. Surely it’s time for us all to get our pegs out and try and break it?

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World Records to break at home

10. Most push ups with claps in 60 seconds

Get training with some push-up bars

This record is currently held by a Brit. Stephen Buttler from the UK has managed a whopping 90 push-ups with hand claps in one minute. 90. That’s a phenomenal achievement. We can only assume that he has the upper body strength of a three year old when you try and take cake out of their hands. Impressive stuff but we’re sure you can beat it.

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World Records to break at home

11. Fastest time to unravel toilet paper with one hand

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Don’t have enough toilet paper rolls to attempt the toilet paper tower? This one only requires a single roll. And a whole lot of manual dexterity, because you need to unravel it with a single hand. This one has been held by a Serbian chap called Dalibor Jablanovic, who also holds the record for the most spoons balanced on his face (31). He managed to unravel a toilet roll in just 9.8 seconds, back in 2013.

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World Records to break at home

12. Largest bubble gum bubble

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How hard can blowing a great big bubble gum bubble be? You might feel your confidence drain away when you hear the record breaking bubble’s diameter was more than three times the width of the average person’s head at 50.8cm. This record had been held by American Chad Fell ever since 2004. You’d better start exercising those jaw muscles. Chad’s pro tip is to use three pieces of Hubba Bubba, apparently.

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World Records to break at home

13. Fastest Mario Kart 8 lap record

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch has sold well over 50 million copies. Is it any wonder there's a stack of records related to this game? Back in 2017 US racer Jimmy Strawa completed Mario Circuit at 200cc, in just 1 minute 13.9 seconds. Give it a go. Pro tip: he used Dry Bowser to set this record. Want to try a different track? You'll find a stack of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe records over at the Guinness website, including the infamous Rainbow Road.

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World Records to break at home

14. Longest flight of a rubber band

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In 1999 Leo Clouser of the USA sent a rubber band flying over 30m in a school gym in Wyoming. No special tools were used here, just the rubber bands and hands. Of course, this one does require a large space most of us don’t have access to at home. The record was set indoors, meaning Clouser did not have to worry about any negative, or positive, effects of additional wind resistance. Still, we’re tempted to try this one down at the local park.

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World Records to break at home

15. Longest time with an object balanced on your nose

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Get you namaste on and charge your chakras because this one is going to require some serious zen. Spain’s Christian Roberto López Rodriguez managed to keep an object on his nose for two hours 42 minutes. What object? A broom. He also holds the record for balancing a pool cue on one finger, doing so for four hours 32 minutes. That’s some test of patience, folks.

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World Records to break at home

16. Most spoons balanced on face

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You might need to invest in an additional set of cutlery for this one. The record for the highest number of spoons balanced on a person’s face is 31, set by Dalibor Jablanovic in 2013. Judging by his own image, it looks like you need to make good use of your eye sockets with this one. And you can have more of the things sticking out of your ears.

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World Records to break at home

17. Fastest time to type the alphabet backwards on a mobile phone

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Many of us may think we're super fast at typing on our phones these days, but are you faster than Xia Yan from Xi'an, Shaanxi, China? In November 2020 he broke the record for the fastest time to type the alphabet backwards on a touchscreen mobile phone at 4 seconds precisely. That one is going to take some practice, we recommend getting one of the latest smartphones to break this record as it'll be the most reponsive.

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World Records to break at home

18. Most T-shirts put on in 60 seconds

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If you feel the cold, you have probably managed to complete this record without even knowing it. But, if you want to do it officially, then you have beat Ted Hastings’ record of wearing 260 at once. You can use any size, short or long-sleeved, t-shirts for this one - and you can get a friend to help pull them down. But only one at a time please (t-shirts, not friends).

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For more record-breaking ideas, head to the Official Guinness Book of Records site where it has a page dedicated to World Records you can do at home.

We have had a lot of people ask just how they get their home records recorded by The Guinness Book of Records. The best way to do it is head to the official website and take a look at their online records. It's here that you should be able to submit remotely, if you think that you have broken any of the records listed below. Good luck!

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