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Uber is delivering free ice cream today


It's Friday, you deserve a treat. Lots of treats. 

Take this cat compilation video for example. You deserve it.


But you know what else you deserve? An ice cream. Delivered straight to your hand (more or less), which is what Uber is offering Londoners today between 11am and 7pm, absolutely free of charge.

To make use of the promotion, #UberIceCream, simply open the Uber app (or download it if you haven't already), set your location and slide right to request your Ice Cream. Your cool treat will then apparently be delivered straight to you.

Sure, it seems like it could be a slightly cynical attempt to get all of us to download the app but... free ice cream. Although it is going to rain quite a lot today so it's probably not the best choice of days for Uber to go on a treat offensive.


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